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Carpets are the best choice one can have to cover his rough floor. But with carpets, comes the tough job of keeping them clean and free from the nasty stains.

Especially, when you have kids around; keeping carpets clean is an uphill task. Children throw stuff all-around, unaware what an absolute mess; that they can
create. The most common among all are the stains from bubble gums. From the start of throwing gum, gums form a messy stain as soon it binds to the delicate
carpet fiber. After that, it changes its color into a dark complexion. Then it becomes an irritating stain on your beautiful light color carpet.

How to get rid of the tough stains? It is one of the common questions that circulate in the minds of individuals having a carpeted floor. Though, the amalgam ofcarpet and bubble gum seems to have a strong relationship. It can break away by some simple methods and techniques. There are many well-experimented tricks or methods used to remove tougher stains. These tricks give your carpet a fresh and new look as they were before the stains. So if you have an interest in knowing some hacks read this article out for your help.

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Methods to Remove Gum from Carpet

There are many tricks or hacks to give your carpet the sleek fresh look as it was earlier. Depending on what is available in your house; you can go for that method and within a span of 5 – 15 minutes; you can have fresh look on your carpet; when you have done with tackling the mess that seemed to be a permanent partner of your room look.

how to remove gum from carpet

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Freezing Method

The name explains the function or the method of use. Yes, you are right; you have to freeze out the bubble gum before the harsh treatment. Following are the material or things needed to clean your carpets, by this method.

• Ice cubes
• Plastic bag
• Dull knife or spoon

Procedure – The step by step procedure that you can use for the purpose is this

  • Take out ice cubes from the cube plate
  • Place handful of ice cream in a shopping or plastic bag
  • Rub the ice cube bag over the gum
  • After a few minutes, throw the old ice cube and place a new one in them
  • Don’t make it saturated
  • Continue rubbing until the gum solidifies
  • Soon the gum start solidifying, struck the gum hardly with a dull knife
  • The gum will remove from carpet
  • Keep removing until the solid is hard

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Drying Method

This method is best to use as a reciprocal of the freezing method. In the freezing method, the freezing of the gum on the carpet softens it. For the drying method, we should go with following parts –

• Hair dryer
• A Piece of cloth/ washing bag
• Gloves

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Procedure – The procedure in the case of heating is as follows

  • Idealize the position from where the carpet needs to clean
  • Blow hair dryer in the gum until it softens
  • Avoid heating the carpet fiber or else it will burn
  • Once soften, removes the gun from scrapping it out from carpet fibers
  • Wear gloves or wrap gloves to avoid any injury or excessive heat release
  • Keep pricking out until the whole gum has removed

Dissolving residues

The gum as a whole part may get removed by the above methods. But some of the residues or chunks may leave behind that may not be easy to remove. These chunks actually get attached to the individual fibers of the carpet and make it tough to get removed. Now you may be worried about how to get completely rid of these residues? The below method answer the question well

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Residual attack

Attacking on the residues can be done by using different attackers. With the similar procedure, but a variety of attackers, you can have a wide range and ease of
cleaning. To tackle residues one must follow this method. Following things works best to remove residues from your carpet fibers –

• Cloth
• Soap
• Water
• Attacker

It can be any of the following

. Peanut butter
. WD-40
. Oil soaps such as eucalyptus oil
. Muscle pain relievers such as Dencorub or BenGay

Procedure – The method is to be applied once you are done by removing the larger gum part of your carpet. Since this is only for the fibers it gets tough to apply this method to the large gum part as well. The steps involved in removing or dissolving residues include

  • Remove the larger part of gum by freezing or drying method
  • Once done, apply the attackers on the carpet fibers with intact gum residues
  • The attackers function as a lubricant and moisture the gum
  • With the help of fingertips or soft cloth blot or pull the gum residue
  • Keep doing until all the residues are removed
  • Mix water and soap or water with liquid dishwasher to form a solution
  • Dip the cloth in it and blot the area which before had residues
  • Blot
  • Rinse the area with water by blotting with a soft cloth
  • Once rinsed, press a fresh cloth on the washed area to absorb water
  • Allow the area under consideration to dry

Vinegar method

Vinegar is one of the commons and the easiest hack in our daily life issues. The steps to use vinegar as an attacker to clean carpet is like other’s work, but it is the basic and most reliable method thus is still used with a 100% trust. Following are the necessary agents for vinegar cleaning –

• White distilled vinegar
• Clean cloths
• Fan box
• Sodium borate

Procedure – The procedure for this method is a

  • If during gum removal some gum gets stuffed to the carpet fibers rinse the carpet with water
  • Sprinkle sodium borate on it
  • And cover the carpet for 1 hour until the stain disappears and sodium borate gets deep down into the carpet
  • Depending on the size of carpet take the concentration of vinegar and mix with water

For example

• ¼ teaspoon of vinegar into 4 cups of water for delicate carpets
• cup of vinegar into 1 cup of water for synthetic carpets
• cup of distilled vinegar into the cup of water for natural fiber rugs
• Dip water cloth in the vinegar solution
• Dab the cloth on the gum residues in carpet fiber
• Do not rub on the carpet with vinegar solution cloth
• Leave the area for 15-20 minutes for saturation
• Once done, rinse area by blotting with clean water and a cloth.
• Leave for 1 hour until the gum residue stain is out.
• If carpet takes longer time use fan box as wet carpet for long times can cause disease such as mildew

These are some of the basic household hacks that everyone can use when the gums get fixed on the carpet fibers. One can go for the simple yet costly techniques such as –

• Removing the patch and placing a new patch of carpet in its place or
• Using the artificial market available gum removers
• The grease removing carpet technique is another famous method to tackle the mess

Gone are the days when you had to worry about sticking of gum with you bought carpet. With simple hacks and tricks that one can perform at the home, life has become quite easy yet wonderful for us. With a total investment of hardly 15 minutes, you can solve the mysteries and can relax for 15 months or days. Use each of the following techniques and do let us know your opinion.

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