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Did you spill a few drops of hair dye on your carpet? Fine; relax and don’t fuss. You’re not the only one dealing with such mess. Hair dye stains are increasingly becoming common in most households these days. The reason is that a lot of people have shunned their hairstylists in favor of at-home hairdressing methods.

Hair dye is a concentrated colorant that is difficult to cleanse. Besides, the texture and fabric of the carpet is a lot heavier compared to that of a regular cloth. This implies that the cloth washer is unlikely to fit the bill.

In this helpful guide, we’ll give you some tried and tested solutions on how to get hair dye stains out of your carpet. Dried hair dye stains are harder to remove than fresh ones. So, acting fast using the solutions provided will increase your odds of eliminating hair dye from your carpet.

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What You Need

Getting hair dye stains off the carpet is only possible if you have the recommended ingredients. You need to ascertain whether you have all the necessary supplies before you start the actual stain removal task. The following 8 products will help you do away with permanent hair dye stains.

how to get hair dye out of carpet

  • Cotton Swabs
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Dish-washing Liquid
  • White Vinegar
  • Astringent
  • Clean rag/sponge/towel
  • Ammonia
  • Cold and lukewarm water

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Steps to Getting Hair Dye Off Your Carpet

Soak Up Excess Stains

It’s common knowledge that first things should always come first. Using a clean, dry cloth soak up as much of the spilled dye as you can. Blot or dab the carpet, and take care not to rub it. Rubbing the carpet can damage its fibers or work the stain further deep into the padding.

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Mix Liquid Dish-washing Detergent and White Vinegar

You’re going to make your solution in this step. Add one teaspoon full of liquid dish washing detergent to two cups of lukewarm water. Put one teaspoonful of white vinegar into the mixture. Grab a clean, dry cloth and soak it in the solution prepared.

Now dab the hair dye stain with this cleansing solution. Lift up any excess-with a clean, dry cotton swab. Ensure that the adjacent areas without stain are left untouched. You could alternate dabbing with wet and dry cotton swabs until no more stain is visible.

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Rinse the Stained Surface With Cold Water

In this step, you’re going to utilize cold water to rinse the dye-laden surface of your carpet. Apply cold water to the stained area and absorb any excess with a clean towel. Sponge the surface until the liquid is entirely soaked up. Make sure you’re using a clean towel, or you may end up staining the other parts of your carpet.

Apply Your Rubbing Alcohol

This step involves the application of rubbing alcohol to the area stained by hair dye. Gently dab the hair dye stain with a towel dipped in a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Evacuate the excess alcohol with a clean and dry cloth. Do this just the same way you did with cold water in the preceding step. Continue dabbing until all hair dye stains get vanished.

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Mix Ammonia and Washing Up Liquid

Mixing washing up liquid and ammonia is essential as far as tackling stubborn hair dye stains is concerned. Pour two cups of lukewarm water into a mixing vessel. Add one tablespoon ammonia and one teaspoon dish-washing liquid to the water in your mixing vessel.

Now, dab the stained section of your carpet with this solution to wet the stain. Let it rest for at least 30 minutes. Come back once again and apply more of the solution with a new cloth or sponge after every 5 minutes. Repeat this procedure until the hair dye marks have entirely disappeared.

This method lightens hair dye marks without affecting the color of your rug. Note that ammonia should not be used on a wool carpet because it can ruin its fibers. You’ve got to be careful what type of carpet you’re trying to clean before applying ammonia on it. Additionally, make sure that the area is ventilated prior to using ammonia.

Final Word!

It is prudent to consult your carpet care specialist before attempting any form of carpet cleaning technique. Ensure that you’ve read and completely understood any carpet care guidelines and warnings provided by your upholstery manufacturer. Carpets with certain dyes or natural fibers may need special treatment. Don’t use any stain removal technique without knowing the exact nature of your carpeting and its finishes.

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