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Are you worried about the acrylic paint that your kids have fallen on your carpet? To remove a dried and hard acrylic paint is not an uphill task. Now you need not worry about the removal of an acrylic paint from your carpet. In order to clean the acrylic paint from a carpet, you must have some prior knowledge about techniques that are used in the process. Acrylic paint is a water-based paint. To get rid of the acrylic paint is one of the easiest carpet cleaning tasks. You may get worried about the ways and methods used to remove acrylic paint out of your carpet.

The carpet that has been destroyed by your kids and pet can be cleaned by adopting different methods. The floor with carpet is always sensitive to the paints and other substances that make the carpet discolored. If you are facing paint on your carpet and worried about its removal then look at the methods to remove acrylic paint from the carpet. Although there are so many methods available for removing the acrylic paint from the carpet. But all these come under two categories; the dry method and wet method. Both, the dry and wet methods to remove the acrylic paint from the carpet are mentioned below in detail.

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Dry Method

To remove the acrylic paint soon after the paint has fallen on the carpet, the first and most essential thing is that you have to collect the excess paint from the
upper surface of the carpet. It is obvious that you cannot collect the paint that has been absorbed by the carpet. So just remove the excess paint so that more carpet destruction can be avoided.

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how to get acrylic paint out of carpet

Things needed –  To collect the excess paint from the upper surface of the carpet is never an easy task. This task can be achieved only if you have a little knowledge about the carpet cleaning.

. A dull knife
. An old and rough toothbrush
. A spoon
. An extra plate

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Procedure –

. Push the paint with the help of knife towards the spoon
. Fill the spoon with the paint
. Now put that paint in the extra plate
. Collect the remaining paint
. When the excessive paint is removed
. Rub the carpet with the brush so that the absorbed paint comes to the surface of the carpet
. The rubbing with the brush will also remove the stain.
. Remove the dried paint

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The next step of removing the complete paint from the carpet is to remove by the dry paint; the next step is very easy

These are the things needed to remove dried acrylic paint –

. Soft toothbrush
. Knife
. Dustbin Procedure
. Rub the top of the knife on the paint
. Try to get off the paint from the carpet
. Dried paint will come to the surface of the carpet in small dried particles
. Remove the dried paint
. Rub the carpet surface so that
. Tiny dried paint particles can also come to the top of the carpet
. Put these particles in the dustbin with the help of a knife and brush
. Blot the stained surface

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The next step in order to make your carpet from even a single particle of the paint is the bolting. Now you have to blot the stain part of the carpet

Things needs for blotting –

. Wet cloth
. Good quality detergent
. Spoon
. Rough toothbrush
Procedure of blotting
. Just put a small quantity of the detergent on the spoon
. Put this detergent on the stained part of the carpet
. Spread the detergent on the whole stained part with the help of a toothbrush
. After that, you just have to rub it with the wet cloth
. Paint will be absorbed into the wet cloth
. Repeat the process until the carpet’s original color is retained

Wet Method Use of Vinegar Method

There is another method of removing the acrylic paint from the carpet. This method is the use of the vinegar.

Things needed –

. Vinegar
. Water
. Spoon
. Sponge
. Wet towel


. Mix one spoon of vinegar with ten parts of the water
. Mix well
. Dip the sponge into the mixture
. Rub the stained carpet with the help of a sponge
. Rub until the paint is absorbed into the sponge and carpet’s original color retained
. Keep rubbing until the carpet is hard and contains some paint particles

Other than vinegar, you can also use the glycerin, alcohol, a good-quality detergent, and acetone. All these liquids work in the same way with equal
performance. The use of any of these ingredients depends upon the availability of the liquid at home.

Household Method to Remove Acrylic Paint from the Carpet

Wet Vacuum Method

Other than these above mentioned there are many household techniques that are used to remove acrylic paint from the carpet. This method is generally used
when no other tools or detergents are present to remove paint. Wet vacuum method is another general method to remove the acrylic paint from the carpet. This
method is used to remove the paint instantly after it falls on the carpet. In this method, the carpet cannot be cleaned to a full extent.

Things needed

. Wet cloth
. Sponge
. Lukewarm water


. Wet the stained area with lukewarm water
. Soak the stained area
. Scrub the wet area where necessary
. Wet vacuum again
. Rub the wet area
. Rub until the stain is removed
. Dry well

Final Word!

In these days, the advancements in the technology have made each and everything easy and possible. Now there are so many methods that you can use to get rid
of the acrylic paint from the carpet. The methods that are mentioned above are all wonderful in removing the acrylic paint from the carpet. By using any of
these methods, you can remove acrylic paint from the carpet within 15 to 30 minutes by using the tools available at home. To remove acrylic paint is very easy.
You can use any of these methods for the purpose.

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