10 Top Rated Bagged Vacuum Cleaners 2019 [ Tested & Reviewed ]

Have you been experiencing issues with your current bagged vacuum cleaner? Is it faulty in any way? It could be time to get a new one. But here comes another problem, you don’t know how to pick the right vac.

First off, your decision to go for a bagged vac is wise because they have some advantages over the bagless units. You can be sure of a swift cleaning experience with the bagged vacuums. One well-known benefit of a bagged vacuum cleaner is that it is ideal for allergic people.

Now, when you want to get the right bagged vacuum for your house cleaning, how should you go about it? Some might tell you to try it before buying. But hey, we are in a digital world. Without even stepping out, you can log in to your computer or use your mobile device to find the best-bagged vacuums available. This post is one of such resources that help you to shop for the right cleaner.

We took some time to go through selected bagged cleaners so that we can give you an easy time when you decide to go shop for one. We’ll also share with you a buyer’s guide to educating you accordingly prior to go shopping.

Let’s get this show on the road.





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Hoover Platinum

12.8 lbs

5 Year

  • Lightweight bagged upright
  • wind-tunnel technology
  • Illuminated fingertip controls

Oreck XL

8.2 pounds

1 Year

  • High Speed Roller Brush
  • Side Edge Brushes
  • Disposable Top-Fill Inner Bag

Hoover T-Series

21 lbs

2 Year

  • Windtunnel Technology 
  • Activated Carbon HEPA Media Bag filters
  • Clean-Drop Bag system

Hoover Anniversary

20.2 lbs

2 Year

  • WindTunnel Technology
  • Embedded DirtFinder
  • Self-Propelled

Miele Electro

18.7 pounds

1 Year

  • Air clean sealed system
  • HEPA 
  • electrobrush 

Oreck Magnesium

7.72 lbs

7 Year

  • Unique SlimSwivel Design
  • HEPA Inner Bag
  • Wireless QuickSwitch In The Handle

Metropolitan Vac N' Blo

12.5 pounds

1 Year

  • 4.0 peak horsepower
  • VNB-73 Vacuum
  • 13 attachments

Hoover WindTunnel

14.99 lbs

2 Year

  • WindTunnel 3 Technology
  • Clean-Drop Bags
  • Telescoping Extension Wand

Bissell Zing Bagged

12.5 lbs

1 Year

  • Powerful suction
  • Telescoping Wand
  • Compact and lightweight

Kenmore Elite

20 lbs

1 Year

  • 3D Inducer Motor 
  • HEPA 
  • dusting and crevice tool 

Best bagged vacuum cleaner - detail review

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What if I told you there’s a bagged vacuum that comes as an upright (rigid) unit, and a canister (portable) unit? Well, it’s right here smiling at you. The Hoover Platinum UH3001COM is bagged upright vacuum that comes with a canister vacuum cleaner.

The upright unit is lightweight, at only 12 pounds, and it is powered by a 12-amp motor. It features the direct air-flow technology and wind-tunnel technology that offer fast and efficient results. We loved the additional portable canister that is quite powerful. The canister is ideal for those hard surfaces or if you want to clean anywhere above the floor.

If you thought the canister is the only additional accessory, think again. Rather, Hoover throws in a crevice tool, a hard floor attachment, a telescoping wand, and a dusting brush. All these accessories let you clean the delicate and hard to reach areas.

Will it give you an easy time working with it? Oh yes. We are sure you would love the illuminated fingertip controls. There are two speeds that are easy to access and adjust. There is a self-sealing HEPA bag, and a check-bag indicator to let you know if it is time to empty it.


  • Canister cleaner included
  • It is lightweight
  • Self-sealing bag
  • Illuminated controls
  • Accessories included
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty


  • It can be challenging to remove the bag
  • Doesn’t come cheaply
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Our second bagged vacuum is the XL2100RHS from Oreck. This is can also be considered the best bagged upright cleaner when it comes to heavy-duty usage.

It is not called a commercial cleaner for no reason. This unit has been designed to give you an easy time when cleaning your space. Specifically, it comes with a 35ft cord length, which is long enough to reduce the need for plugging it from one socket to another.

This one is an upright cleaner, and it comes with a 12-inch wide cleaning path. We thought that was decently wide. It also takes less space and weighs just about 8 pounds. That makes it one of the lightest uprights bagged vacuums on the market.

Have you been ignoring the under-furniture spaces because your upright vacuum cannot reach there? You can now smile because the XL2100RHS has a low-profile that allows you to reach under the furniture.

It features balanced motorized brushes that spin at an amazing speed of 6500rpm. The brushes will push the debris towards the inlet of the cleaner for better cleaning. It also has an auto-floor adjustment. This means that it will adjust the mode of cleaning automatically based on the surface. The inner bag is disposable.


  • Easy to use
  • Low-profile for under furniture cleaning
  • High speeds for better cleaning
  • Side-edge brushes
  • Long power cord


  • The bag needs replacement every 6 months
  • Doesn’t clean hard surfaces well
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You won’t be wrong to say this cleaner is relatively the best bagged upright vacuum, or at least among the best, for pet hair cleaning. It comes with a wide 15-inch cleaner width, which gives you an easy time cleaning your space.

It is P.A.W.S Pet-Approved and has a WindTunnel technology to get rid of embedded dirt. This also helps to reduce the blowback of dirt, which might mess up your carpet again. The major thing that made us enroll this one on our best bagged vacuum cleaner list is the fact that it is very easy to use.

The ease of use is typically in every area of this unit. Hmm, where do we start? First off, it comes with a single push-button that wakes it up or get it to sleep. When the bag is full and needs to be emptied, just use the one-touch release. Another thing about the bag release is that it is released directly into the trash. If you are a germaphobe, you won’t have a difficult time using this cleaner.

By the way, it comes with a bag indicator that lets you know if it’s time to change the bag. Regardless of the position you prefer, the cleaner comes with a 5-position height adjustment that is easily controlled by the foot.

If you will be switching from the carpet to hard floors, this machine has got you covered. Thanks to the on/off brush roll, you can easily transition from carpet to hard floor.

There are multiple accessories including a 12-ft deluxe stretch hose, a crevice tool, and a pet upholstery tool that comes with rubber wipers.


  • It has headlights for low-light operation
  • Activated carbon HEPA media bag
  • Pet upholstery for cleaning pet hair
  • Easy to use
  • Runs quietly


  • It is quite heavy at 21 pounds
  • Doesn’t clean under furniture well
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Hoover is not a stranger on the cleaning appliances market, neither is the brand a stranger on our list. This is typically the best cleaner for people with allergies. It is also one of the most advanced bagged vacuum cleaners out there.

The excellent filtration of the HEPA media bag allows you to breathe freely without the risk of inhaling pollens and dust that might be trapped inside. Oh, God bless Hoover for their delivery of reliable models.

This one comes with the Embedded DirtFinder. What it does is to walk throughout the house automatically, then it sends you an alert once it finds dirt. Okay, I just made that up. But honestly, this one gives you an easy working time. Typically, there is a sensor that will turn green when there is no more dirt on the floor or carpet. This means that it offers spotless cleaning.

The machine also comes with a WindTunnel Technology that will lift and eliminate the surface debris and the embedded dirt. The 15-inch cleaner width is decent enough. You can use it in 3 height adjustments that give you extra comfort. You can check the bag indicator to see if the bag is full. The edge cleaning bristles ensure that the edges are also cleaned accordingly.

And yes, there are also some accessories, including two extension wands, an air-powered hand tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice tool.


  • Self-propelled operation
  • HEPA media bag for allergic people
  • It senses when there’s no more dirt
  • Multiple cleaning accessories
  • Edge cleaning bristles onboard


  • The cord could be longer
  • It can be too loud when running
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If you want to do a thorough cleaning in your house and you don’t want to get two separate vacuums, the Miele Compact C2 might just be the best unit you should choose. This machine is ideal for working on medium to high-pile carpets.

The first thing we loved about the unit is the Electro Plus floor head, which can handle almost any type of flooring. There is also a Parquet floorhead that lets you clean smooth surfaces. The cleaner is powered by a massive 1200W Vortex motor that is able to suck it even the oldest dust in your carpet.

Just to let you know why we included this cleaner on our list, it features a 6 variable speeds that are easily adjusted. There is the Electrobrush that delivers intensive deep cleaning. I know you presume this machine will be too strong on sensitive floors, right? Unfortunately, you are wrong.

Instead, the Parque Brush is gentle on the sensitive hard floors and will leave your floor looking sparkling clean. The filter bag is large enough to handle a decent amount of dirt without the need for frequent emptying. The HEPA air clean filter minimizes the contaminations.

There is a telescopic, stainless steel wand, along with a 33-ft electrical cord. The power cord comes with an automatic rewind for an easy working time. The company didn’t want to be left behind, so they decided to throw in a few accessories such as a crevice nozzle, dusting brush, and an upholstery tool. The best part is that they are held into place by the dedicated VarioClip.


  • Has a floorhead for wood floors
  • Runs quietly
  • There are 6 variable speeds
  • Powerful motor
  • Quick/Easy to change bag


  • That price though
  • Not ideal for a large space
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The very first thing you can easily notice about this machine is the SlimSwivel Design. With such a design, you can push this cleaner around the furniture with ease. It can lie almost flat to get under the bed as well. Do you need to clean the edges and baseboards? Why worry when this machine comes with edge brushes?

Backed by a super powerful motor, this cleaner comes with an inverted single helix roller brush, which spins at 7000rmp. Now that’s some speed right there. Of course, there is a HEPA inner bag that captures around 99.97% of the particles at 0.3 microns. So the air will be clean and less-harmful.

How about the Sansiseal Docking System? I bet you want to know what that is and what it does, huh! Well, this is a feature that prevents dust from escaping when you want to change the bags. In other words, you won’t experience any fuss or mess.

Do you have dark corners or under-tables? Why not make use of the twin LED lights that light up that space? If you are worried about the motor’s durability, you shouldn’t. The cleaner features an EndurolifeBelt that will protect the motor from the unforeseen jams. The Easy Snap cord clip eases the power cord storage needs.

This cleaner comes only at 7.72 pounds, and it has a wireless QuickSiwtch in the handle to let you adjust the power level as you wish. It also comes with edge brushes.


  • Swivel starring for better control
  • Durable Endurolife Belt
  • Super lightweight
  • Slim-swivel design
  • Backed by a 7-year warranty


  • Large wheels don’t fit under furniture
  • The LED lights might not be bright enough
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Who wants the perfect portable bagged vacuum? Look no further, the Metropolitan VNB-83BA is one great choice to consider. Well, it might be portable, but not as light as some of the upright vacuums on this list. This one enters the ring with 12 pounds, which might be somewhat heavy to carry around.

The powerful 4.0 peak hp motor offers enough power to both suck and blow. Yes, you read that right. This machine can also blow. Another plus feature of the machine is the all-steel construction that assures you of durability. Even if it happens to fall down accidentally, the cleaner will still remain strong.

Wherever it is that you want to clean with this machine, you have the power to do it. It comes with a reusable dust cloth filter bag, along with 13 attachments.

There is are two extension wands of 20 inches each, a dust brush, Pik-All nozzle that will suck up any debris, crevice tool, inflator adaptor, a micro cleaning tool kit, and a blower nozzle. If you find it heavy to carry around, the shoulder strap is there to make life easy for you. There is a 12ft grounded cord set to help you reach your target areas.


  • Portable
  • Multiple accessories
  • Shoulder strap for easy/comfortable carrying
  • It vacuums and blows too
  • Can be used in the house or the car


  • Not ideal for heavy cleaning
  • Limited warranty period (just one year)
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As the name suggests, this upright bagged vacuum offers MAX cleaning. While other cleaners come with the common WindTunnel Technology, this one takes three steps ahead. It features the WindTunnel 3 Technology. In other words, it offers three suction channels that lift and eliminate the surface debris and the embedded debris.

Is the bag full and you want to empty it? Maybe you just want to empty the bag because you are done cleaning the house. All you have to do is touch the button and pop, the will fall directly into the trash. Your hands and the dirt in the bag will never meet.

The brush-roll On/Off pedal helps to switch if you will be using it on bare floors. This also lets you turn off the machine when you are not using it. The 30ft power cord allows you to clean different rooms in the house without unplugging the machine. It also features the HEPA media filter.

Hoover understands the need for thorough cleaning. That is why the company offers a telescoping extension wand that maximizes the reach of the hose, along with a crevice tool and a 12-inch long crevice tool. Whether you want to reach out to the cracks or you just don’t want to leave any stone unturned, this machine will be at your service accordingly.


  • Strong suction power
  • The power cord length is decent enough
  • HEPA level filtration
  • Extension wand for extra hose stretching
  • Extra accessories for better cleaning


  • It can get noisy
  • Fluffy carpets can reduce the speed
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For those that need a canister over an upright unit, here is a suggestion for you. It doesn’t only have a small size, but it also comes with an elegant design and color.

As usual, you’d expect this unit to be easy to maneuver. Ideally, you can use this machine for your stairs, along with other sections in the house including upholstery or the curtains. Oh, it also can be a great vacuum to use in the car.

Well, all bagged cleaners must be heavy and bulky, right? Wrong. Not every bagged vacuum must be bulky and heavy. This canister vacuum is a good example of such. It comes with a 10.3-inch clearing path and weighs just about 12.5 pounds.

It does have a very strong suction power, and the design allows it to be used anywhere. You can use it on the rugs, floors, carpet, bare floors, or even under furniture. If you will be working with this unit to clean your carpets, you must ensure that you have engaged the carpet brush to the floor nozzle.

Thanks to the user-friendly handle, you can carry this unit around the house with ease. Yes, the hose might be short, but that’s exactly what you’d expect from a small canister vacuum. One thing that makes the Bissell 4122 Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum is the fact that you can move from carpet to drapes without the need for changing machines.

Other features/accessories include a fill-bag indicator, auto cord rewind, telescoping wand, and a suction control. So yes, you will have full control with this canister.


  • It’s easy to carry around
  • Full-bag indicator
  • It can be used around the house with ease
  • You can use in the car
  • User-friendly


  • The hose is short
  • Not powerful enough for heavy cleaning
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This might be the last product on our list, but it sure isn’t the last on the market. Besides, our list doesn’t depict the ranking of the products. The features and functionality of this cleaner can make someone consider it their best-bagged vacuum.

First off, it comes with a powerful two-motor system that will offer 20% more air power compared to the common upright vacuum motors. The unit features a HEPA filtration and it is certified by the AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America).

If you have pets in the house and you are getting sick of the annoying smell, the Elite 31150 is here to help you. Not only will the HEPA-certified filter eliminates the pollutants in the air, but it will also eliminate the foul smell from the house. There’s also a Pet Handi-Mate attachment for eliminating the stubborn pet hair.


  • Pet-friendly
  • Strong LED lights
  • Loaded with dirt sensors
  • HEPA-certified filter
  • Strong motor/suction power


  • It’s quite heavy
  • Changing the attachments can be tedious

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

There are multiple bagged vacuums out there, but how do you find the right one? Here are tips to follow for you to buy the best bagged vacuum.

  • Intent of Use

The first thing to consider is how you are going to use the specific bagged vacuum. Will you be using it to clean the carpet, wood floor, hard surface, drapes, curtains, car, or other areas in the house? If you consider these options, you can be sure of choosing the cleaner that suits you perfectly.

If you have a large house/space, ensure that you consider a vacuum that is big enough.

  • HEPA-Approved Filtration

We are discussing the best bagged vacuum cleaners on the market, and this is a feature you should consider when finding the right machine. The cleaner you choose must have a superior filter. Specifically, be extra keep about this if you suffer from dust or pollen allergies. If the machine has an onboard filter, it can trap even the tiniest allergens or dust particles in the air.

  • Upright or Canister

Most of the cleaners on our list are upright units. However, there are some that come with a canister model. So, when choosing the bagged vacuum, consider if you want an upright or canister unit. If you want a vacuum for cleaning your carpets and rugs, an upright vacuum should be the right choice for you. The upright vacuum comes with a motor and a suction head.

Conversely, canister vacuums come with a compact design, they are lighter than upright models, and they can reach the under-furniture areas with ease. The upright units come with more attachments and a hose.

  • Extra features

Some features help to enhance the performance of the cleaner. For that, check out for features like motorized brushes, side brushes, additional accessories, WindTunnel Technology, LED lights, and more.  You might also want to consider the noise level.

Even with the multiple features, the machineyou choose must be easy to use or install.

  • Warranty

The product that is being sold to you must have a lengthy warranty to prove that it can last for long enough. A money-back guarantee is always an added advantage.

FAQs about bagged vacuum

Which is the Best Bagged Vacuum? 

As we saw, bagged vacuums come in upright and canister. It appears that the upright vacuums have an added advantage compared to the canister vacuums. But the canister vacuums have better portability, which can be reliable in some cases.

Can I use my Vacuum Cleaner on Tiles?

Honestly, you cannot and it is typically impossible. The tiles are too slippery, and they make it challenging to use a bagged vacuum cleaner on them. Ideally, clean the tiles manually.

Will My Vacuum Be Affected If I Don’t Change The Dust Bag?

Yes, it will be affected. First off, you should change the dust bag as soon as you are done cleaning your space. Leaving the dust intact can ruin the machine and even affect its suction power or the dust can bust the bag.

Are Bagged Vacuums Better Than Bagless Vacuums?
They compete against each other, but a bagged vac doesn’t have a removable chamber. Also, the bag can hold more dirt compared to the bagless unit. The bagged vacuums help you to prevent coming in contact with the dirt.

Final Word

Now, you are ready to go shop for the best bagged vacuum. We might have listed 10 of the best, but this is just our favorites. Specifically, we think Hoover Platinum UH3001COM is the best bagged upright vacuum, plus it comes with a canister for versatile cleaning.

You should always consider the delivery of the cleaner and if you can take care of it, along with its maintenance. The initial cost is a major factor to consider, along with the maintenance costs. Always go for a bagged vacuum that is reliable, efficient, affordable, and long-lasting.

As we have had a list of your best-bagged vacuum, we just wanted to give you an easy time when you want to shop for yours. Will you go for the canister units or the upright units? Have you already made up your mind? What’s stopping you?

10 Top Rated Bagged Vacuum Cleaners 2019 [ Tested & Reviewed ]
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