10 Best Spin Mops in 2020 | Expert Reviews and Comparisons

Spin mops are impressive cleaning devices designed to clean easily, quickly, and more efficiently. Using these tools will help you reduce the water consumption while simultaneously lessening the effort required in cleaning. As such, it is important to know which spin mops can perform an excellent job.

In our spin mop reviews, we address the top 10 best spinning mops currently available in the market. Having spent 10 days on test, research and comparing different products, we endorse the Mopnado Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop alongside other models that perform exceptionally well at cleaning up all messes—whether big or small. Below, we are going to look at each particular model in detail.

Best Spin Mop - Comparison Chart

Best Overall

CycloMop Commercial 

  • Dolly is removable
  • Considerably heavy and expensive
  • Built-in upright pole storage
  • Item Weight : 20 lbs


Best spin mop

O-Cedar EasyWring

  • 2 Microfiber Mop Heads
  • Deep-cleaning
  • High-quality foot pedal
  • Eco-friendly
  • Quantity: 1 kit

top 10 Spin Mops Reviews

1.  Mopnado Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop

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You deserve the best cleaning equipment that demands the least energy. And you can only make this a reality by getting a superior quality best spin mop such as the Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop. This appliance is a real game changer as far as impeccable home cleaning solution goes.

This item is easier to use than many others in the same category. It comes with patented mop plates, which give you easy time rinsing the mop head. Satisfaction is guaranteed because no energy is needed to get the mop head to spin

This spin mop system has replicable heads so that you don't have to purchase the whole system every time and again. Furthermore, its stainless steel rod brings the implication of a reliable and robust product that cleans the dirtiest of surfaces. This cleaning system negates the need for using a lot of energy pressing.

It brings with it a straightforward mechanism which enables mop spinning to make it safe for your hands. This mop makes it simple to clean even the farthest areas since the handle is telescopic. The premium cleaning bucket is not only durable but also maintains optimum cleaning performance.

What we liked
  • Easier to use than the competition
  • The mop heads are easy to change
  • The stainless steel handle is durable
  • The microfiber heads are machine washable and durable
  • The unit can clean all types of floors—hardwood, laminate, stone, tile, vinyl, and concrete
What we didn't like
  • The bottom neck easily breaks after a few times of use

The Mopnado Spin Mop is a reliable and effective mop that is ideal for those of us who want to enjoy fast cleaning. It remains the number one option if you need fast cleaning.

Its capacity to clean up multiple floors renders it a darling to every homeowner. Get this unit and take advantage of its easy swiveling and durable stainless steel handles among other unique benefits.

2.  CycloMop Commercial Spinning Spin Mop

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No one likes to use hard pressing mops that don't even dry the floor entirely and leave them tired and weary. With a spinning unit like the CycloMop Commercial Heavy Duty Spinning Mop, you can enjoy the absolute convenience provided by the dolly wheels. This commercial spin mop guarantees superb cleaning.

It comes with a super soft microfiber head that leaves no dirt behind—whether you are wiping your windows and floors or cleaning your ceilings. The sturdy rod hooked to the unit is so compelling that it ensures complete cleaning of surfaces without bending or breaking. The bucket is equally sturdy enough to provide stability during use.

The bucket of this spin mop is not likely to move sideways when using it. The bucket is hands down stable. This spin mop experiences little to no water leakage or splashes when wringing because of the superb construction. Cleaning time is improved and the crew happier.

What we liked
  • Extra sturdy construction
  • Offers both wet and dry cleaning
  • Spins dry in seconds
  • Ultra-absorbent mops cut cleaning duration by half
  • Sturdy buckets never break easily
What we didn't like
  • The agitator and mop head can develop mechanical problems

The CycloMop Commercial Heavy Duty Spinning Mop is a heavy duty cleaning system that is ideal for keeping your home clean. This unique mop features a highly efficient spinning system that dries your floor in a matter of seconds. It is also versatile hence ensuring wet and dry cleaning – truly a life saver!

3.  O-Cedar EasyWring™ Spin Mop & Bucket System

Recommended spin mop
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O-Cedar is one of the premium manufacturers of house cleaning appliances. The EasyWring™ Spin Mop & Bucket System is one of their leading products that execute outstanding floor cleaning. It has a triangular mop head for easy cleaning of those areas that are hard to reach.

This spin mop by O-Cedar offers an ideal approach for easy mopping of all hard floors, with neither wet hands nor bending down. This mopping tool has a bucket with activated hand-free wringing foot which gives you effortless house cleaning.

Besides, it comes with the pedal that allows you to set moisture to your preferred level. This prevents your floor from soaking with a lot of water. This cleaning system also entails a deep cleaning microfiber head that works efficiently on dirt for perfect cleaning.

What we liked
  • High-quality foot pedal activates spin wringing for easy control of moisture
  • A deep-cleaning microfiber for removing or absorbing stubborn dirt and grime
  • A telescopic three section handle for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
  • Exclusive bucket design with built-in wringer for hands-free wringing
  • Compatible with the Easy Wring Mop Refill
What we didn't like
  • Doesn’t separate dirty water from clean water
  • Takes up a considerable amount of space

Buy this unit and get the foot activated spin mop with adjustable hand length. The product also features many unique functions including easy control of water applied to the floor, quicker drying floors, and more comfortable wringing. This is a must-have tool to keep any home clean.

4.  Casabella Spin Cycle Mop

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The Casabella Spin Cycle Mop With Bucket is among the top selections for smooth cleaning of hard surfaces. This spin cycle mop bucket comprises a stainless steel pole along with a stable wheeled bucket to make your cleaning process less of a hassle. The cleaning system consists of a spin mop and bucket designed to augment your overall cleaning experience.

For efficient mop head drying, the mop and the spinning basket are durably built. The mop head comes equipped with cotton microfiber that gives you gentle cleaning of surfaces without scratches. This unique cleaning system incorporates wheels that facilitate the smooth movement.

Moreover, the bucket itself is hooked to a detachable soap pump to ease your addition of soap to the cleaning solution. The integrated spinner ensures both easy spinning as well as mop drying. All these are geared toward providing a clean and water-free floor.

What we liked
  • Bucket is wheeled to facilitate easy movement
  • Integrates a built-in soap pump for addition of detergent to water
  • Installed with extending and sliding pole
  • Built-n drawer for secure refill and brush storage
  • Stainless steel wringer bucket is durable
What we didn't like
  • The handle is too short
  • The plastic on the mop head can scratch the floor

The Casabella Spin Cycle mop and bucket  is the equivalent of a washing machine for your mop. It is undoubtedly easy to use; just push the handle down for spinning and wringing. The movement from one room to the next is as simple as there are sliding handle and wheels on the bottom of the bucket. This spin mop system is fun and functional all the time.

5.  Twist and Shout Mop

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Getting a premium quality mop is the best way to have your floors cleaned to perfection. The Twist & Shout Hand Push Spin Mop is one of the most excellent tools that delivers unmatched cleaning results. Unlike spin mops with the activated pedal, this one incorporates a secure self-wringing mechanism whose drying duration is five times better.

It is similarly equipped with a telescopic handle for easy adjustment of height, hence ensuring smooth and effective cleaning. This lightweight cleaning tool provides a stress-free cleaning of hard to reach spaces. It includes a 180-degree swivel head that is ideal for cleaning under furniture such as chairs.

Cleaning the baseboard with this appliance is now simpler than ever, thanks to its 360 degrees rotation. The entire head is made out of original microfiber material. It is for this reason that the unit delivers up to 8 times more absorbing power than the typical mops.

What we liked
  • Two microfiber heads for great absorbing power
  • An adjustable handle length for cleaning hard to reach areas
  • A flexible swiveling head joint
  • Doubles up as a dry duster
  • Doesn't need expensive disposable pad refills, batteries, or special cleaning solutions
What we didn't like
  • The handle is vulnerable to breaking

Cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the house is a really daunting exercise. The Twist & Shout Spin Mop is a premium quality item that guarantees an easy-to-use experience. It will give you an outstanding way to clean your home, with several features that bring a new dawn to your cleaning exercise.

6.  Goplus Spin Mop

Best spin mop
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Goplus Microfiber Spinning Magic Spin Mop is a great unit whose name says it all. It is one of the best spin mops available today. This cleaning system promises to save your time, energy, and water as you perform your mopping task.

This revolutionary equipment features a 360-degree design that is ideal for cleaning a myriad of surfaces including bathroom, kitchen, auto interior, lobby, and much more. It comes furnished with a super-thin microfiber with excellent absorbent ability designed, which removes fouling and tackles full cleaning without damaging your floors. You can adjust the handle angle from 45-180 degrees for an effective and comfortable mopping position.

Goplus needs no electricity to operate and you can clean anytime you want provided that you have water and cleaning solution. For efficiency reasons, this spin mop entails two heads that are well-suited to both drying and mopping. Most importantly, the spin mop head is machine washable and offers an extended service life.

What we liked
  • High-efficiency floor cleaning
  • Flexible plastic handle for comfortable mopping position
  • No spills, no shock, and no damage to floors
  • Two microfiber heads that work great wet or dry
  • Eco-friendly with no power consumption
What we didn't like
  • Spinning mechanism is only effective when the handle is positioned upright
  • A few customers have raised concerns about noisy operation

Goplus Magic Spin Mop highlights the labor-saving design that pledges to slash your cleaning time and save your effort. It comes with an adjustable handle to avoid restricting you to a single position, which can be tiring. The mop is suited to both drying and mopping and your hands will never come in direct contact with water.

7.  Leifheit Clean Twist Spin Mop

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The Leifheit Clean Twist Spin Mop Set is a revolutionary mopping system with a twist-mechanism in the handle. It is a complete floor cleaning unit featuring the Clean Twist five-gallon mop bucket and the spinner. It also entails a patented spin and brake technology in the handle as well as round microfiber head.

The handle of the unit makes the clear-cut difference when it comes to cleaning. It creates effective moisture control by wringing out the mop without putting a strain on your hands. You will not have to touch a dirty mop head.

For better cleaning of delicate and water-sensitive floors like laminates and hardwoods, the brake mechanism provides better control over how dry or wet your mop head becomes. The Clean Twist Round Mop is an all-purpose mop thanks to its versatility and microfiber cleaning head.

The system allows you to shift between the laminate and wood flooring as well as more water-tolerant surfaces such as linoleum. The Leifheit makes cleaning even much more manageable with several cleaning accessories included in the package.

Such attachments include the replacement mop heads and the Leifheit Rolling Cart. The latter converts the Clean Twist Mop Bucket to a mop bucket on wheels. Note that other accessories are sold separately.

What we liked
  • A  patented handle technology for wringing out excess water
  • Breaking mechanism in the handle stops the wringing action for improved moisture control
  • Excellent wringing action
  • Ideal for all moisture-sensitive flooring—laminate, wood, cork, and parquet
  • Practical and intuitive design
What we didn't like
  • Handles easily come off
  • The spinning bucket is smaller in diameter

The Leifheit Clean Twist Spin Mop is an innovative system that keeps your hands dry and doesn't put you through the wringer. The mop bucket is balanced, and the mop head is effective in performing its task. This unit makes mopping easier and quicker and fun like never before.

8.  Hurricane Spin Mop

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Hurricane Home Cleaning Spin Mop System is a professional-grade unit that cleans your hardwood floors to perfection without causing any damage. The system boasts an innovative 360-degree rotation on the microfiber head for deep cleaning and polishing your intended surface. It spins the dirty water away from the mop head and collects it in the bucket.

Consequently, it makes it possible to clean your floors using a dirt-free microfiber mop. The included mop bucket utilizes patented centrifugal spinning technology for spinning the dirty water away, leaving you with a clean mop head. Using the system's 360-degree pivoting mop head to clean beneath the furniture is a bummer.

The360-degree pivoting mop head can slide easily under close furniture gaps. Also, the microfiber mop head can pick up to 10 times its weight. The microfiber mop head sucks up the excess water, rather than leaving it to sit on your floor. The unit features a "finger" design that gets into all sorts of nooks and crannies on your floor.

What we liked
  • Gentle on floors but tough on messes
  • Easy to operate and safe for use on sensitive surfaces
  • Incorporates centrifugal spinning technology
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • 360-degree pivoting mop head lets you clean all nooks and crannies in the kitchen
What we didn't like
  • The bucket is thinner and lacks the fill line
  • The bucket is devoid of the spin mechanism
  • List Element

You are really not cleaning your floors if you are using a dirty mop head. Hurricane spin mop reviews brings you the best cleaning equipment that makes cleaning faster and easier than ever. This system spins the dirty water away leaving you with a germ-free mop head. The Hurricane Spin Mop cleaner is an award-winning system that enables you to blast away filth, fur, and lint without a hassle. Buy this innovative tool and take your sweeping to a whole new level.

9.  Favbal Stainless Steel Spinning Mop and Bucket

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Cleaning can now be fun and hassle-free with the new Favbal Stainless Steel Spinning Mop and Bucket. It is a great choice to clean any types of wet or dry surfaces be it in your home, your office, or commercial building. It will leave your floors shining while demanding less work and effort.

This Favbal spinning mop’s self-wringing system spins off the excess water very effectively enabling the mop to dry more quickly. A dryer mop translates into saved time and effort. In addition, this mop is of high quality. The basket, the wringer, the plate and the handle are made of durable stainless steel. These parts are mostly unbreakable and rustproof. The length of the mop handle is adjustable to fit your height. A good mopping posture is an invaluable asset for people that suffer from serious back pains.

Furthermore, the basket has 2 big wheels that provide great mobility, a pull and a carry handle which reduces the over usage of the back. The basket also has a built-in solution dispenser. The automatic drain will allow you to dispose of the dirty water in no time. The mop head is flexible and the kit comes with 6 large spare microfiber mop heads. They are highly absorbent and easy to change. 

What we liked
  • Has a self-wringing system instead of foot pedal
  • Includes 6 large microfiber mop head
  • Has wheels and an easy pull and carry handle
  • Can be used on wet or dry floors
What we didn't like
  • Handle angle is limited
  • Not all the metal parts are stainless

The Favbal Stainless Steel Spinning Mop and Bucket is an excellent item to clean around the house while putting minimum effort. Its multiple functions and features will make the job easier for you. Also, the adjustable height of the handle can be used to clean high spots that may be difficult to reach such as high windows. The Favbal Stainless Steel Spinning Mop is one of the best spinning one can have.

10.  HAPINNEX Spin Mop Wringer Bucket Set

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If you are tired of making a mess while cleaning, this new HAPINNEX Spin Mop Wringer Bucket Set will be perfect for you. The new basket balances itself, when picked up, which prevents spills. It also comes with a new detachable Splash-Guard Wringer that is made from stainless steel and prevents water to splash out of the bucket.

Moreover, the bucket disposes of an Easy-Press system that allows you to spin off the excess water by just pushing the mop handle against the bucket spinner making it easy for all to use. No more foot pedal or other unnecessary moving parts. The bucket also comes with a hand grip that makes it easy to carry around the house, since the assembled product only weights 4 lbs!

The mop also comes with 2 absorbent refills made from microfiber – no more scratches on floors, and an extra cleaning brush accessory that is great for hard spots. Also, the swivel head rotates up to 180⁰ in order to clean under your furniture or along baseboards making it easier to reach corners and other difficult areas. This versatility also allows to clean windows, cars, walls and boats with ease.

This mop can also be considered to be eco-friendly as the small bucket promotes optimal water usage. Also, the microfiber mop head is super-absorbent and you only need to wet your mop a few times for great results.

What we liked
  • Includes 2 absorbent refills and an extra cleaning brush accessory
  • Comes with a detachable Splash-Guard Wringer Basket that prevents water spills
  • The head has rotates up to 180⁰ for maximum flexibility
What we didn't like
  • The water bucket is on the smaller side
  • The plastic material appears to be of cheaper quality

The HAPINNEX Spin Mop Wringer Bucket Set is a versatile unit that can be used all around the house due to its light weight. If you don’t like making a mess while cleaning and being able to reach hidden dirty spots, the HAPINNEX Spin Mop Wringer Bucket Set is perfect for you!

How to Choose the Best Spin Mop

A spin mop remains an exciting innovation that will get your floor sparkling clean. This cleaning machine comprises a special bucket, which lets you wring out the mop depending on how wet you wish to make it. It also has a specially constructed handle that allows the mop head to rotate on pushing down the handle.

When this handle rotates, it squeezes water out of the mop. Some spin mops come with a special mop-head, which is readily detachable from the handle for hassle-free washing. Other mops have a mop handle that tilts effortlessly to help you clean hard-to-reach spaces such as under furniture.

In some select models, the buckets come equipped with a pedal for squeezing the mop. Such a bucket also serves to wring out the mop. Please continue reading below to learn more about spin mops and what to consider when shopping for one.

  • Ease of use

Do you really need to struggle when mopping your floors? The expected answer is NO. Choose a good spin mop system whose directions of use are clear and easy to understand. A decent quality product is that which is gentle on your hands, too.

According to our team of experts, rinsing the mop head after every few wipes is essential. Our experts emphasize this because the mop head can spread the dirt around the floor if not cleaned properly. Always rinse after every 2-3 wipes on your floor.

  • Size of the Mop Head

While the mop head size is not a critical aspect to consider, you will appreciate a larger mop head when cleaning a bigger hard floor surface. On the contrary, a smaller mop head is great if you have a smaller kitchen with heaps of nooks and crannies.

Before you mop your floor, first pick up small bits of dirt, dust, and hair using your spin mop. In so doing, you will not only make your job easier but also decrease the risk of scratching your wood or laminate floors.

  • Microfiber Mop Head 

Almost all spin mops have a microfiber head. Microfiber is a synthetic yarn that effectively collects and holds the dirt, dust, grit, and grime. It also releases debris easily when rinsed. Microfiber can resist staining thus making your mop look spotless and fresh all the time.

  • Spin Mechanism

Two basic spinning mechanisms for the mop head basket exist: a foot pedal or a lever sited on the handle. No one is better than the other, but many users have praised the convenience of the foot pedal system. You might want to try out each function individually to gauge the one suitable for your case.

  • Pivoting head

A pivoting head gives you the ability to angle the mop low enough to haul it easily under furniture, into tight corners, and behind the toilet.

  • Mop head replacements

Choose a spin mop that includes an extra mop head. But if yours lacks an extra mop head, make sure the device allows for stress-free replacement of the head. Go for reliable spin mop manufacturers who offer this option.

  • Wheels on Bucket

Moving a bucket full of water is never a piece of cake. Therefore, it would be wise to choose a spin mop system that entails wheels for natural movement of the bucket wherever you want.

Wheeled spin mops also comprise a rotating head, which allows you to scrub your floor in "figure eight" patterns instead of back and forth in straight lines. They deliver better scrubbing capacity.

  • Telescoping Wand

An excellent spin mop encompasses an adjustable telescoping wand. It enables you to mop your floor comfortably irrespective of your height.

  • Drain plug

It is hands down tricky to lift and carry a bucket filled with dirty water. However, a machine that entails a drain plug makes this job more relaxed than ever. This function enables you to empty the bucket without fear of any mishaps like spills.

  • Scrubbing accessory

It might also be prudent to select a spin mop with a scrubbing accessory. This will help you whisk away stubborn stains or spills on your hard surfaces such as tiles.

  • Splash guard

You wouldn't want dirty water to splash onto your clothes or your clean floor; would you? It is for this reason that you are recommended to choose a unit with a splash guard on the bucket. This will keep water exactly where it belongs—inside the bucket.

  • Soap dispenser

You might also want to get a spin mop system with a built-in container for soap or cleaning solution. The supposed unit lets you add your cleaning detergent to the water whenever it is necessary.

  • Agitator

A few spin mops comprise an agitator in the spin mop bucket. An agitator is a useful function for rinsing dirt and dusting off the mop head.

  • Sturdiness

Ensure that your unit is sturdy enough to withstand the test of time. It should be able to survive reasonably active use without breaking or bending. Now, such a unit can give you terrific cleaning services for several years to come.

This comprehensive buying guide highlights the valuable features to consider when shopping for a spin mop. Remember, the market presents an array of spin mops with a slew of diverse functions. While you may not need all of the mentioned features, a superbly constructed product will most likely include all or most of them.

FAQs about spin mop

  • Can I use the spin mop on all floor types?

Why not? The head of a spin mop features a soft and highly absorbent microfiber material. Thus, it can clean all floor types including wooden, ceramic tiles, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, marble and stone floors.

  • What type of floors should not be used with the spin mop?

There are no restrictions on the types of floors the spin mop can clean. One of the desirable features of the spin mop is its adaptability to numerous floor types. You don't have to switch to a new floor cleaner when you have this little companion with you.

  • Can the spin mop be used as both wet and dry mop?

Certainly yes. The soft microfiber head material makes it usable on different types of surfaces. And since it leaves no scratches behind, it can be used as both a wet and a dry mop for seizing dust and pet hair. Surprisingly, it also functions as a car mop.

  • What volume of water can the bucket hold?

The spin mop bucket has a marker line indicating how much water is available. When filled to the "Max line" point, an average spin mop bucket holds approximately 2 gallons of water.

  • How often do I need to wash the mop heads?

Ideally, the mop head needs washing after every use. If not, you are advised to allow the head to air dry thoroughly before storage.

Final Verdict

The current market presents a myriad of spin mops and it is important to select one that maximizes a safe and germ-free environment. Virtually all the models we have reviewed pack a substantial number of features translating into excellent usability.

We highly recommend the Mopnado Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop for its ease of use and wide array of cleaning applications. This top-performing spin mop system features excellent characteristics that can clean any floor to perfection. You will not go wrong with this product as far as ensuring a hygienic surrounding is concerned.

Hopefully, this spin mop reviews and buying guide will go a long way in helping you find the best spin mop that suits your needs and preferences.

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