How To Clean The Air In My RV?

Anyone that spends just 3 or 4 weeks in their RV every year will know that the air can get stuffy and stale regardless of the season. Now magnify that feeling by 365 days in a year for those of you that live in your RV full time, and you really have to deal with a feeling of having sticky and unbreathable air. 

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This is something that comes with the territory of being an RV owner. No matter how fancy your RV is, it will always get stuffy inside due to the construction materials RV’s are made of. Opening the windows isn’t always enough to get rid of the stuffy feeling, so here are a few solutions for you to get the air flowing. 

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1.Clean Your AC Filters On a Regular Basis

Air conditioners accumulate lots of dirt and dust, even if they are not used very much. People with allergies and sensitive eyes will almost certainly get a flair up from the smallest amount of built up in their AC’s. 

Take the time out every two weeks to check the air conditioner filters to see if they need to be cleaned. You might not even need to clean them every time you check, however keeping on top of it will help you greatly.

Have an air conditioner technician come and look at the air conditioners every 6 months if used regularly, or every year if you don’t turn the AC on much. This will keep them in perfect working order.  

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2. Invest in a Good Dehumidifier 

Your campervan will get very humid both in the summer and in the winter. In the winter condensation builds up from cooking, showering, and believe it or not breathing makes the air very sticky and uncomfortable too. 

Depending on where you live, the humidity levels in the hot summer air can naturally be very high. Pair that with one or more people living in a small living space and that air becomes super uncomfortable to breathe. 

Use a good quality dehumidifier during the winter and in the summer, and I assure you, the air will feel much cleaner! Not all dehumidifiers are suitable for RVs, so here are some of the best RV dehumidifiers on the market for you to consider. 

3. Turn On Oven Fans When You Cook

Cooking in your RV can make it feel stuffy and will pollute the air, so turn on the oven fans while you cook. If that still isn’t enough, but the dehumidifier on too to purify the air quicker. 

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4. Always Leave a Window Open

Come rain or shine, there is nothing like some fresh air. When you are in the RV, leave the window open, even if it is just a little bit so that you don’t start to get cabin fever.

You see, you don’t need to put up with stuffy air, there are plenty of cheap and easy ways to keep your RV feeling fresh and livable.  

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