How Can I Clean My Gazebo?

A gazebo is a great investment but over time, even the best quality product can get frustratingly dirty and become a bit of an eyesore. In a quest to make your life easier, we have decided to provide you with all the tips and tricks for getting your gazebo looking like new in this simple guide.

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Fabric Gazebos

Check the care instructions but you’ll probably find that you can actually put this in the washing machine! Don’t use too high a temperature as it may shrink so approach this option with a little caution.

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You may want to scrub any really dirty areas before you put it in the machine so have a bucket of warm water to hand and a soft scrubbing brush. Use a mild detergent or car wash detergent to mix in with the water and then give it some good old elbow grease. 

Plastic Gazebos

Generally speaking, these won’t wash well in a machine so get out the hose and give it a good wash down with water before using a mild detergent diluted in some warm water. Again, a soft brush is advisable so that you don’t scratch or tear the material. Do not use boiling water as it might take the coating off the material.

If you wash your plastic gazebo on a regular basis, you should be able to keep it looking like new using this method. Promise yourself a pizza and beer when you finish the job to keep you motivated.

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Steel Hard Top Gazebos

These are very sturdy products so will last and last but they can look a bit grubby if not cleaned often. Get out your bucket and car wash detergent on a regular basis to give this gazebo a good old fashioned scrub. Sorry folks, there is no other way but in the long run, you’ll keep it looking in better condition for years and really squeeze every drop out of your investment. Again, use mild detergent, a soft brush and warm water. Give extra attention to those really grubby areas. Take a coffee break in between to break up the task.

Top tips:

  • Clean your gazebo on a regular basis
  • Remove dirt immediately if you can to stop it becoming ingrained
  • Don’t store a gazebo if it’s wet. This will stop mould and mildew from forming
  • Always give yourself a well-earned treat to look forward to when you’ve finished

The quality of your gazebo is a key factor in how long it will last. Invest in well made products that suit your needs. If you have tried all of the above ideas to get your old gazebo looking like new but it is still looking tired and dirty, treat yourself to a brand new one here Sometimes it’s just worth calling it a day and investing in a new gazebo experience. At least you’ll now know how to look after it!

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