Will My Smartwatch Vibrate So I Can Hear Incoming Calls While Vacuuming?

Multitasking is something we all have to do, whether we are any good at it or not is another question. We multitask at work with managing clients, paperwork, phone calls and so on, then we get home and need to juggle feeding the kids, cleaning, doing the washing and all the rest of the responsibilities that come with being an adult. I’m tired just thinking about it!

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Now this is a situation that we all know too well, you are in the full flow of cleaning and juggling your chores and your phone is ringing off the hook in another room. You don’t want to be leaving what you’re doing just to answer a ‘how are you?’ phone call from the mother in law that’s for sure. 

Thank goodness for smartwatches! The first smartwatch actually came out in 1998, long before any of us had a smartphone. Once smartphones became popular in 2010 the smartwatch industry grew with it and the quality of smartwatches available to us improved. 

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Luckily for us, there is a smartwatch that suits every need imaginable. Need a watch that will track your calories and steps? Or one that is durable enough to be worn while skydiving and other extreme sports? Maybe you want a hunting watch? You see, the options are endless so choosing the right one for you is important. 

For general, everyday use you should check out the Garmin Approach x40, it’s super simple and requires little fussing to get working. Here is a in-depth review on the Garmin Approach if you want to find out more about its pros, cons, and main features.

Smartwatch Features To Look Out For

When all you want is a smartwatch that will keep you on top of your notifications and one that is easy to use, keep it simple and make sure it has the following key features;


1.Smartphone Notifications 


Not only is it a good idea that the smartwatch shows notifications on-screen by lighting up or displaying the message, it will help a lot if it vibrates or rings to notify you. For this to happen the watch has to have a Bluetooth connection setting to be able to tether the phone to the watch. 


2. Basic Fitness Tracking 


Is it even a smartwatch if it doesn’t track your steps and heart rate? You don’t need to be a gym-aholic to appreciate this feature either. Having a heart rate monitor and calorie tracker helps keep on top of your general health metrics.  


3. Style 


Smartwatches come in all shapes and sizes. They can look as simple as having a slim band on your wrist, or be dominant with a bold fashion band and chunky watch face. There is almost certainly an aesthetic style that has the features you require so do a bit of looking about.

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