Step by Step Guide on How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool

Above ground, pools require regular maintenance and cleaning for them to be of value. If you recently installed this type of pool on your property, you will soon realize that you need to vacuum clean it. You will need a manual vacuum cleaning system, which comprises of a head with rollers and brushes, a long fabric glass or metallic pole and a big ribbed plastic hose. Using the equipment to clean your above ground pool can be a tedious exercise. Here is what you should know you to make the endeavor less tiring and more fun.

Things You’ll Need

To get started, you need to assemble tools such as a skimmer, a pool leaf rake, a vacuum hose, a vacuum head, an extension pole and a skimmer disk. The pool leaf rake is for removing leaves and other surface debris that are in your pool. On the other hand, the extension pole, vacuum head and vacuum are the main parts of the vacuum cleaning system.

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Pre-cleaning Procedures

You should brush down your pool’s sides the night before commencing the vacuum cleaning endeavor. This procedure will help the pool loosen debris and remove dirt lying on the sides. It is important to vacuum the pool early in the morning before any member of your family uses it. Focus on adjusting the water returns of your pool for the water mass in the pool to move in a circular pattern. As a precautionary measure, you should not expose any part of your body to the suction port of the pool.

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Vacuum An Above Ground Pool – Step By Step

how to vacuum above ground pool

1. Remove Surface Debris or Leaves from the Pool

Your skimmer or leaf rake can come handy when removing bugs, leaves and other debris lying on the surface of the pool. Remove the debris gathered in the skimmer basket and then clean the basket. Proceed with turning on the pump and ensuring that there is water passing through the filter.

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2. Assemble the Parts of the Vacuum Cleaning System

You need to attach the parts of the vacuum cleaning system together before commencing with the cleaning work. Start by joining the vacuum head with the swivel end of the vacuum hose. Be sure to join the extension pole with the vacuum head. When lowering the assembled parts into your pool, extend the pole to ensure that the vacuum head touches your pool’s bottom section. Proceed with locking the extension pole into a tight position and leaning it towards the side of the pool.

3. Hold the Vacuum Hose Against the Water-return Outlet

For you to get the vacuum hose filled with water, you need to hold its free end against the water-return outlet. The hose will expel some air, which may cause the head to float on the water surface, as you are carrying out this procedure. Hold the pole with one hand to prevent the head from floating. As you are filling the hose with water, ensure that there are no bubbles coming from the vacuum head.

4. Initiate the Vacuum

After the hose is full, remove it from the water-return outlet with its end part submerged. Proceed with attaching the skimmer disk to the submerged end. Join the skimmer disk with the skimmer found on the suction port as a way of initiating the vacuum. Note that other vacuum systems allow you to join the suction port and hose together without using a skimmer disk. Either way, the hose end should always remain submerged to prevent air from entering the hose.

5. Vacuum the Pool Continuously Until the Bottom is Clean

You need to stand in a position that allows you to view the pool’s bottom clearly. After finding a comfortable posture, move the vacuum head in the pool and ensure that it is always under water. If the vacuum head is out of the water when vacuuming, the vacuum will be less effective at cleaning. Continue this procedure back and forth until the bottom of the pool is clean.


​Your commitment to vacuum the pool regularly will keep it free from dirt and other debris that may negatively affect your family’s swimming experience. You can vacuum it twice a month or once a week depending on how frequent you family uses it. It is also important to follow the above procedures precisely to avoid inconveniences as you do the cleaning.

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