How to Get Motivated to Clean Your House – 10 Fun Tips & Tricks

We’ve all been there, trying to find the motivation to clean the house, only to end up losing the inspiration along the way. Truth be told – a lot of people hate cleaning. And the lion’s share of homeowners resort to procrastination when cleaning time comes, especially if the house is overly messy and packed with clutter.

While procrastination might appear to be an instant suitable option, it only worsens the situation over time: clutter increases, floors become dirtier, and dishes pile up. The best option is to get motivated to clean your house and start the task with immediate effect. To make the cleaning seem more like a fun endeavor and less like a chore, below are practical tips and tricks on how to motivate yourself to clean a messy house.

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How to Get Motivated to Clean – 10 Fun Tips & Tricks You Can Trust

​Imagine Unwinding in a Beautiful & Organized Environment

Start by imagining how it would feel being in a neat home where everything is tidy and perfectly organized. You can seek the necessary brainwave by looking at pictures of well-polished and impeccably spotless homes in magazines or online. Seeing pictures of neat and organized houses can give you the much-needed inspiration to stop procrastinating and get started right away.

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Set a Proper Timer

Setting a realistic timer on your phone is a great way to find some quick motivation because you’ll see how much you can accomplish within that timeframe. You can set a timer for 25 minutes and take a break after every 5 minutes, but take care not to get distracted and forget about the chores at hand. 25 minutes can be more than enough to complete some sizeable cleaning duties, such as cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.

Split the Tasks into Smaller Bits

Numerous studies have shown that breaking up a colossal task into smaller, manageable pieces is an effective approach to combat procrastination. Completing a task – one at a time – can be psychologically rewarding. Therefore, try to deconstruct the cleaning job into super-simple bits and commit to doing one thing at a time: empty and reload the dishwasher first, sweep the living room next, and other tasks should follow suit.

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Reward Your Positive Efforts

You deserve some kind of indulgence or recognition for your commitment and efforts to clean your messy house. Rewarding your positive efforts makes you feel good and gives you the zeal and enthusiasm to keep going. There are endless ways in which you can give yourself a reward, such as watching your favorite show, grabbing a coffee, or even buying a new outfit.

Stay Away from Distractions

The current world is packed with more distractions than ever before. For instance, you might receive a text message in the middle of the job and think that it will take you less than 10 seconds to read it and reply. However, it might take away your focus in the long run, forcing you to restart the process all over again. Take a break from such distractions by switching off your cell phone, laptop, TV, tablet, etc.

Make it Fun

Sometimes you need to use creative methods to find the motivation to clean, such as setting up a spectacular ambiance for the cleaning. You can also incorporate music to lift your spirits and make cleaning easier, because musical tunes allow you to focus on the beats and not on the task. You can even go a notch higher by singing along to the music to encourage your motivation to clean.

If music does not motivate you, then perhaps having fresh air can. Open all windows and curtains and get indulged in the flood of sunlight as well as the sounds of the traffic or the birds outside. Both sunlight and sounds of the surrounding are great motivators, which will uplift your mood and help you feel better while cleaning.

Plan to Have a Friend Help You

You could plan to have a friend or one of your family members over for help. Having someone you can trust can be a lot more motivating, and can even help cut the overall cleaning time in half. You can also try a joint cleaning session with some of your friends, whereby you clean your home together on Saturday then other members follow in that order.

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Working in unison is a perfect way to find the motivation to clean because everyone will be allocated some duties to handle. Even if you hate the idea of having a whole gathering, you can have one or two friends you really trust. They will likely convince you to clean the stuff that’s cluttering your house.

Try New Cleaning Products

Trying new cleaning products, especially those which have a really good scent, can get you the inspiration to clean. New cleaning products not only make your house clean but also leave fresh smell. Of course, you need to find fun products with good bargains that can save you money.

If you have no extra bucks to spend on new products, you can create your own aromatherapy. You can try vanilla if its scent appeals to your senses. Pleasant smells are often a remarkable way to motivate yourself to clean.

Take Pictures for Reference

Make sure to take before and after pictures for reference. Messes often look worse in pictures. After cleaning, take another picture and upload it on social media platforms or send it to a friend – preferably one who is proud of you.

It is highly motivating to see your progress in picture form. Apparently that’s the reason people take before and after pictures of their evolution during their weight loss regime. With pictures, you can never forget where you came from, and it’s really inspiring to see a good progress.

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Create a Routine

When it comes to setting a routine, it doesn’t have to be a complicated system. Make a list of specific areas of your house that need regular attention. Adding cleaning tasks to your calendar helps you develop a habit such that you won’t even need to think about it.

You can start by committing to doing dishes and laundry every day. Each night before bed, just run your dishwasher and empty it in the morning when you get up. Overall, creating habits helps your home stay clean. Besides, any change in life starts with the change in habits.


Finding the inspiration to clean a messy home is not always easy with busy schedules common in today’s fast-paced life. But then, cleaning is an integral part of life that cannot be evaded. With these inspiration ideas on how to get motivated to clean your house, it will become easy to plan and set realistic cleaning goals. Most importantly, focus on how it will feel living in a clean and clutter-free house!

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