How to Get Old Dog Urine Stains and Smell Out of Carpet | Step by Step

A dog brings joy, laughter, and fun to a home. But when your precious pup pees on a carpet, getting urine stains and smell out of carpet is a messy business. Pet urine stains may result in permanent damage to your carpet.

Dog urine does more damage to the carpet when it stays longer on it. It seeps down into the carpet fibers and can cause a yellow stain and nasty odor that seems difficult to banish. You are recommended to tackle the stain as soon as it happens.

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However, in the event this happens while you are away, you might still be able to expel the stain and the accompanying odor. Follow this guide on how to get old dog urine stains and smell out of carpet.

  • The Dish Soap Method

Mix one cup of warm water with a half teaspoon of dish soap. Stir the mixture thoroughly so that the water can become sudsy. Pour the mixture onto the stained area of carpet and make sure the entire affected area is soaked with the mixture.

Now, grab a paper towel and blot the stained portion of carpet with it. Soak up the liquid as much as possible from the soap mixture. You can vacuum the excess liquid from the mixture, especially if blotting the stained area has not yielded the expected result.

Repeat the dish soap and blotting process until all the stain has disappeared. Don’t forget to rinse the stained area with warm water to remove any leftover soap. After finishing, dry the stained area using a paper towel.

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  • Vinegar, Baking Soda & Peroxide Method

Mix vinegar, baking soda, and peroxide with water.  Vinegar helps neutralize the ammonia smell of pet urine without damaging carpet fibers. This is a great option for cleaning and maintaining carpet fibers.

Pour the solution onto the stained area. Make sure the solution gets deep into the lower carpet fibers in order to completely neutralize the area. Allow the carpet up to ten minutes to absorb the solution, and then absorb the excess liquid using paper towels.

As soon as the carpet is dry – which could take a few hours – spray a little baking soda onto the stained area to absorb the pet urine smell. Give up to 15 minutes so that the baking soda can penetrate deep into the carpet fibers.

Vacuum the area as soon as the baking soda is dry. A vacuum cleaner with a pet hair attachment could be ideal for this task. It does break up any hardening of the baking soda.

But, if this kind of attachment is lacking in your vacuum cleaner, you still can banish any hardening of the baking soda. Simply break up stubborn baking soda bits using a small, stiff brush or the blunt edge of an old table knife.

If you can still smell the pet urine odor even when the area is dry, you might want to repeat the entire process. It could be a little painful. But rest assured it is one of the best methods for removing pet urine and the accompanying smell from the carpet.

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide & Dish Soap Method

A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap can also prove useful when it comes to getting old dog urine stains and smell out of carpet. Mix one teaspoon of dish soap with a half a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Make use of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, and then thoroughly mix the mixture.

Sprinkle a generous amount of the peroxide solution over the stain and scrub it in back and forth motions. Work the solution deep into the stain by pressing firmly down the scrub brush.

Lastly, dry the stained portion of carpet with a paper towel. Make sure the stain is completely dry to prevent the likelihood of leaving the leftover solution on the carpet. You might want to run a carpet vacuum cleaner over the area to banish any leftover liquid.

Other Solutions

  • A Commercial Dog-Urine Stain Remover

Commercial stain removers come with built-in enzymes that fight and completely remove pet urine stains and odors. Buy a commercial dog-urine stain remover at your nearest store and apply it to the urine stain. Make sure to stick to the instructions provided on the label.

Always buy products specifically designed for use on dog urine stains. The best commercial stain removers are those with ingredients labeled “all natural” or “green”. These commercial stain fighting products can cleanse and deodorize dog urines without affecting your dog or family.

The leading store-bought stain removal products not only use the power of enzymes but are also non-toxic for dogs. Enzymes are proteins that banish the stain and smell of pet urine through natural chemical reactions at the molecular level. These enzymes attach themselves to the molecules which make up the dog urine and catalyze the breakdown of bacteria that feed on it to produce the foul odors.

Enzymatic cleaners do not need rinsing or blotting. Simply apply it to the affected area of your carpet and allow it to work on the stain, dissolve, and dry on its own. Different versions of commercial pet urine cleaners take different times to completely remove the stain and odor.

Some cleaners take 24 hours to completely dissolve the smell and stain while others take up to two weeks to achieve the results. Avoid cleaners with ingredients like ammonia, chlorine, and sodium lauryl sulfate as they can be harmful to pets and people. Also, keep an eye on products whose instructions direct you to keep children and pets away before application.

  • Rent a Carpet-cleaning Machine

More stubborn dog stains and aromas may call for renting a carpet-cleaning machine. Consider renting green enzymatic cleaning machines if you have older stains to tackle. You can also consider acquiring a spot cleaner.

Make sure to rinse the tank meticulously before use and avoid chemical-heavy cleansers that often come with the rental. Instead, use a natural cleanser or a blend of white vinegar and water.


These tips will help you get dog urine and smell out of carpet. Whether or not you’ve tried many methods under the sun without success, rest assured the tips we’ve provided are excellent for pet stain removal. Remember, we did thorough research upfront to help you not give up hope!

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