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Rachael Macry

By Rachael Macry

Despite your most cautious approaches when relaxing with a nice, hot, mug of coffee, spills are bound to occur. If you`re a carpet owner, you are probably aware that coffee stains are more than just an accident; but the ultimate horror, especially for the light-colored carpets.

See, coffee stains, if let for a longer period can result into discoloration of your carpet, formation of uncolorful marks on your carpet and even fading of your carpet. So how do you avoid all these and get to remove coffee stains from your carpet?

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how to get coffee stains out of carpet

Time is of Essence

A basic rule of thumb that applies to all kinds of carpet stains is that the sooner you remove the stains after the spill, the more effective your efforts will be and less likely a stain will be visible.

However, there is a time when we are in a hurry and we have no time of removing the coffee spill immediately, leaving our carpet with a reminder of our negligence or delay.

Regardless of the case, we still shall shed more light on how to remove the old coffee stains from your carpet. Personally, i use either of the below highlighted methods and they perfectly work out for me!

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Natural Coffee Stain Removers

Even though coffee stains look really threatening, there are still some basic products found in every kitchen that can be used to remove the coffee stains.

1. Use Dish Soap

If you think dish soap is just for cleaning cutlery, you need to think again. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of using this product to remove coffee stains from your carpet –

  • Pour a generous amount of dish soap over the coffee stain, and then, using a spray bottle, add some water over the soap to form a lather
  • Using your cleaning brush, gently scrub the soap and water, along with the stain
  • Finally, using a dry piece of clothing such as a hand towel, gently wipe all the soapy solution from the carpet. You will notice as you continue to wipe, the stain gradually disappears
  • Allow the stain to dry over the air

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2. Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

A combination of these two ingredients offers the perfect remedy for your coffee stains. Vinegar is a superb cleaner for water soluble-stains, while baking soda has an excellent absorption property, meaning that it will absorb most of the coffee that has seeped into your carpet.

Below is a step-by-step guide to cleaning your carpet using the above ingredients –

  • Using a paper towel or tissue paper, blot the stain as much as you can, until the paper towel cannot hold any more of the stain. Blotting helps in removing the excess spill on the coffee stain and lightens the process of removing the stain.
  • You then need to sprinkle baking soda over the stain and let it remain for at least 30 minutes. As we have seen above, baking soda is an excellent absorbent, and by sparkling it over the stain and leaving it there, it absorbs most of the coffee stain, including that, which has seeped.
  • Make a vinegar-water solution using equal amounts and pour this solution over the baking powder and stain
  • Using a kitchen towel, or any other sot fabric, gently rub over the solution along the stain, to remove the coffee stain until it completely disappears
  • You can then vacuum the entire stain to remove any traces of baking powder or a cleaner look

3. Using Hydrogen Peroxide and Dish Soap

Dish soap seems to be the go-to solution for removing coffee stains, and here we look at how a combination of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove coffee stains.

  • First, you need to make a dish soap-hydrogen peroxide solution
  • Then, you will need to pour this solution over the coffee stain for saturation. Saturation helps in neutralizing the stain and making it easier to remove
  • Using a paper towel, you can blot the stain and the dish soap-hydrogen peroxide solution. As you will notice, as you continue to blot, the stain gradually fades away and in no time, it will be gone completely

Coffee stains are not just unsightly but can also taint your carpet. Therefore, if you are considering removing coffee stains from your carpet you should try the above sure techniques. They are easy, simple and effective.

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