How to Wash an Electric Blanket – Step by Step Instructions

Have you been looking for information on the various ways and means of washing electric blanket? You have come to the right place. We are here to help you.

Indeed, electric blankets, just like the ordinary blankets are also prone to dirt, debris, and dust, Because of this, you will have to clean them from time to time to ward off respiratory tract infections and parasites.

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You have two options to choose from while articulating this. The first is the washing machine whereas the second is the use of bare hands. We are going to examine both options in the proceeding discussions.

How to Wash an Electric Blanket – By Use of Washing Machine

how to wash an electric blanket

Step I: Unplug the Blanket from the Socket

Star off by unplugging the blanket from the socket. Water is pretty good at conducting electricity. You do not want to predispose yourself to the risks of electrical shocks, do you? While at it, be sure also to detach the cord and the control box from the blanket.

Step II: Shake off the Dust from the Blanket

Proceed to shake the blanket vigorously. This is to rid the blanket of all dust and other contaminants. This is to expedite the process of cleaning and to also demand less water and detergents. Be sure to do so out in the open to spare you from the risks of asthma and other respiratory disorders.

Step III: Prepare your Washing Machine appropriately

Next, prepare your washing machine for the subsequent task of washing the blankets. Pour water to the brim. Apply some mild detergent moderately. Stir the water to let the detergent mix thoroughly with the water. You may apply the fabric softener at this stage if your blanket can allow for it.

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Step IV: Load and Wash your Blanket

Now load your blanket into the washing machine. Leave it to soak for around 10-15 minutes. In case your blanket is soiled or has not been washed for quite some time, you may wish to extend the soaking duration.

After the soaking time has concluded, switch off the machine. Let it complete its spin cycle. This should take no more than 3 minutes. Switch off the machine and drain the water.

Step V: Rinse the blanket

Pour fresh and clean water into the washing machine with the blanket in it. Leave to soak for another 10-15 minutes. Then switch off the washing machine to let it spin the blanket.

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PS: You may have to repeat this procedure twice or thrice depending on how dirty your blanket is. For the best results, see to it that the water is crisp and clear.

Step VI: Dry it thoroughly

Finish off by drying the blanket. In case your washing machine doubles up as a dryer, by all means, use it. However, if it can only wash but not dry, you may have to hang your blanket on a clothes’ line. Package and store it safely thereafter.

How to Wash an Electric Blanket- By Hand

Tools and Materials Required

  • Mild detergent
  • Bathtub
  • Clothesline

Step I: Unplug the blanket

Just like the washing machine method, you will start by unplugging the blanket from the socket. Follow this by detaching the cord and the control box from the blanket as well. These components are not washable and so do not have to be incorporated in the washing process.

Step II: Examine it for any possible damages

Take time to scrutinize the blanket for any possible damages. Pay specific attention to the hems as they are the most vulnerable portions to the risks of tears. In case you happen to identify any tears, this is the time to mend them. After repairing any damages, shake the blanket thoroughly to get rid of dust and other debris.

Step III: Pour water and detergent in the bathtub

Now pour plenty of water onto a bathtub or large basin. Apply the mild detergent and the fabric softener if possible. Stir the solution thoroughly to distribute those ingredients uniformly in the water.

Step IV: Soak the blanket

Proceed to place the blanket in the water. Leave to soak for a very long duration of time, preferably overnight. This is because hands are weaker and less effective than machines. Soaking the blanket for a prolonged duration of time severely weakens the dirt and dust.

Step V: Squeeze Gently

Next, squeeze the blanket gently yet thoroughly. In case you apply too much pressure, you might end up tearing the fabric or weakening the hems. Too weak force, on the other hand, will not remove the dirt and debris as effectively as is anticipated.

Step VI: Rinse and Dry

As soon as you are satisfied with the final outcomes, squeeze off all the moisture from the blanket. Remove it from the bathtub and place it separately. Drain the bathtub of the dirty water. Clean the bathtub. Pour fresh and clean water. Put the blanket in it and leave to soak for around 30 minutes. Squeeze off the dirty water and repeat the process one more time. Hang to dry.

Final Note

As you may clearly see from the foregoing discussions, washing electric blanket is no mean feat regardless of the approach you opt for. It requires a great deal of attentiveness to details. You, therefore, have to exercise great patience while attempting the task. All the best in your next blanket washing endeavor.

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