Best Vacuum for High Pile and Thick Carpet – Top Selections

Cleaning a high pile, thick or plush carpet can be an uphill task. More often than not, a high pile and thick plush carpet comes with a deeper pocket close to the base that is notorious for attracting dirt, dust, and even allergens. A normal vacuum cleaner is designed for low-to-medium pile carpeting and lacks adequate power or suction for cleaning the deep ply and thick fibers.

The best vacuum for high pile carpet not only prolongs the life of your precious carpet but also ensures you have a clean, healthy environment where everyone can enjoy. It does blast away toxic chemicals and allergens hiding deep inside carpet fibers awaiting an unsuspecting victim. If you are looking for a vacuum that can get down to the bottom of your shag carpet and drag out dirt without getting overloaded or tangled by the carpet fibers, then we have the best solution you can trust.

Based on our tests, we can confidently recommend the Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner for cleaning high pile and thick carpets. We endorse this best vacuum for thick carpet because it is powerful and features large front wheels which make it effortless to push across even the tallest pile carpeting. And if you think this vacuum cleaner is not suitable for you, we have put together a neat list of the Top 10 Best Vacuum for High Pile Carpet, Thick Plush Carpet & Frieze Carpet.

Best Vacuum for High Pile & Thick Plush Carpets – Detailed Reviews

1.  Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Soniclean is known for manufacturing machines with tremendous features suitable for soft style carpets. The Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum is a top-of-the-line product for cleaning and caring for soft carpets. It combines a special sonic technology with effective yet gentle features to clean your carpets and uphold their soft plush quality. This best vacuum for plush carpet features the patented EZ-Push adjustable vent system for ease of pushing or pulling the vacuum on softer and thicker carpets.

Also, the unit comes with large front wheels to safeguard the machine against being bogged down in a thick pile carpet, plush gentle nylon brush rolls for soft cleaning. The soniclean upright cleans high pile carpets and rugs using sonic vibrations that loosen and lift up the grime from deep beneath the fibers. It can agitate and bring up dirt to the surface using 200 sonic vibrations per second.

Regarding the ease of maneuverability, this vacuum weighs as low as 10.5 pounds. It is this lightweight design that enables you to painlessly navigate the unit around your home. You can choose between two cleaning modes – a quiet mode for regular vacuuming of carpets and hard floors, and a deep clean mode for vacuuming heavily soiled carpets and high traffic areas.

What we liked
  • Large front wheels for effortless movement
  • Patented sonic cleaning technology for loosening embedded dirt
  • Extremely lightweight design at only 10.5 lbs
  • Long power cord of 35-ft
  • Soft nylon rollers bristles for thorough cleaning of carpet fibers with zero damage
  • Can prove effective in cleaning hard flooring
  • Hospitable-Grade HEPA filtration mechanism
What we didn't like
  • Bags are sold separately and can be costly

The soniclean soft carpet upright vacuum is a great choice for those of us who wish to clean high pile and thick carpets to ultimate perfection. With large wheels and excellent suction, you can be sure this cleaning system will leave no stone unturned. Besides, it allows you to adjust the vents to fit any type of carpeting being cleaned.

2.  Kenmore Elite 81714

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Another best vacuum cleaner for thick pile carpet is the kenmore elite pet friendly ultraplush 81714. While it has strong suction, it is still very easy to maneuver or pull it on carpet pile as high as 1.5 inch tall. This bagged canister unit has a sealed HEPA filtration system, which means it is suitable for persons with allergies.

The Kenmore elite 81714 includes the ultra-plush nozzles that use powerful airflow technology to eliminate even the toughest pet hair from high pile and thick carpets, ensuring a deeper and more complete clean. With this vacuum cleaner, there are five ways to clean any surface, including a motorized pet attachment for removing dust and pet hair from high pile carpets and hard-to-reach areas. For an impressive clean, the two-motor system entails a powerful inducer motor to ensure no suction lose.

The Kenmore elite model 81714 lets you suck up dust and pick up pet hair without bending down to tune the brush height. It comprises LED light sensors for detecting dirt on thick pile carpets and illuminating the bag when it reaches capacity. You can use the variable power node for delicate carpets and rugs, ensuring they remain in perfect condition after cleanup.

What we liked
  • 2-motor system for excellent suction strength and reliability
  • 30% easier to use on thick pile carpets than regular bagged canister vacuums  
  • Swivel controls for easy maneuverability around high pile carpets
  • Motorized PET POWERMATE for lifting stubborn pet hair and dander from carpets
  • HEPA filter system for enhanced trapping of dust, dander and other debris
  • Adjustable wand is lightweight and extendable to reach 10 inches wide
What we didn't like
  • The hose is not flexible enough
  • Uses bags that require frequent replacement

If there were ever the best bagged canister vacuum for plush carpet, it would simply be Kenmore 81714. Unlike most other vacuums that are difficult to move on super-plush carpets, this one is easy to push or pull. And, it comes with three extra attachments for different purposes – including a motorized attachment for lifting stubborn pet hair from ultra-plush carpets.

3.  Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150 Vacuum Cleaner

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Kenmore Elite 31150 is another best vacuum for thick pile carpet, which comes with decent features like triple HEPA, pet Handi-Mate, telescoping wand, 3D inducer motor, and 5-position height adjustment among others. This AAFA certified vacuum includes 3 attachments for cleaning thick plush carpets with ease. The telescoping wand includes 3 different attachments for deep cleaning frieze carpets, such as a pet Handi-Mate for powerful removal of obstinate pet hair from all thick carpet types.

It features a 2-motor system with a powerful inducer motor, which provides up to 20% more power compared to a standard upright vacuum motor. With the exclusive power floor technology, this vacuum can clean all the debris without losing suction in the middle of the job. From cleaning thick plush carpeting to hard flooring, this upright bagged vacuum entails 5 height adjustments for optimizing airflow when cleaning super-plush carpets.

The kenmore elite pet friendly 31150 also features an enhanced HEPA filtration system, which traps over 99.97% of dust particles, dander, pollen, and even bacteria to minimize the allergy-induced pollutants in your room. All the features of this vacuum combine with a beltless design to ensure no lose of suction, and that no debris is left behind. What’s more, the infrared Dirt Sensor is there to activate the LED so you can know where to concentrate the cleaning power and switch off the unit when the floor is spotlessly clean.

What we liked
  • Adequate suction for versatile cleaning convenience
  • Enhanced HEPA filter system for removing all pollutants in the room
  • Beltless design ensures no suction lose
  • 5 position height adjustment for optimum airflow
  • Onboard storage available for all attachments
  • Infrared dirt sensor helps you focus the cleaning power
What we didn't like
  • The attached hose is shorter than expected
  • Blows fur everywhere

Despite a few design flaws, Kenmore elite vacuum 31150 makes high-pile carpet cleaning less of a hassle. The available 3D inducer motor guarantees powerful cleaning that is no match for a conventional vacuum. Most importantly, it is suitable for allergy sufferers because of the triple HEPA filter system that can trap up to 99.97% of allergy-induced pollutants inside the vacuum.

4.  iRobot Roomba 980 - Ideal for Carpets

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The iRobot Roomba 980 is the absolute best robot vacuum for thick carpet, which is also ideal for homes with pets. This robotic vacuum features power-lifting suction that executes 10X the air power for enhanced pick-up of dust, dirt, and other particles on thick plush carpets. It is equipped with power boost which automatically heightens the cleaning performance on thick high pile carpets.

The device uses the vSLAM technology along with the patented iAdapt 2.0 Navigation system to map its surroundings, ensuring it can clean the entire home – even under furniture and around objects. This best robot vacuum for thick carpet also features the premium three-stage cleaning system, helping to clean the invisible dust and allergens as well as the visible dirt and pet hair. You can adjust or flex the dual multi-surface rubber bristles in constant contact with thick plush carpets and rugs.

The irobot® roomba® 980 comprises the High-Efficiency Particulate Filter that can trap over 99% of dog and cat allergens from the air. For the record, it runs continually for up to two whole hours (120 minutes), after which it automatically retreats to the charging station and resumes work to complete it. You can connect and schedule the vacuum from wherever you are by using Google Assistant or Alexa voice commands to take control of the cleaning. Also available is the iRobot HOME App, which helps you to schedule and monitor the cleaning sessions.

What we liked
  • Power-lifting suction for improved pickup performance
  • Easily maps the surroundings and cleans the entire home
  • Auto-adjust cleaning head for keeping brushes in contact with thick pile carpets
  • HEPA filter captures 99% of all allergens
  • Advanced dirt detect technology for recognizing dirt concentrated zones e.g. high traffic areas
  • Automatically recharges and resumes work
  • Easy to schedule the cleaning sessions on the go with Wi-Fi technology
What we didn't like
  • Very expensive
  • Many not effectively vacuum a black carpet

Overall, the iRobot Roomba 980 proves helpful for day-to-day home cleaning and maintenance, especially for homes with pets like cats and dogs. This vacuum uses predictable and efficient back-and-forth cleaning patterns to blast the dirt away from your high pile and thick plush carpet. And with the efficient Wi-Fi connectivity, you can now ditch the remote control and have your plush carpets cleaned to perfection.

5.  Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

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The Miele C3 Complete Vacuum is another best vacuum cleaner for soft carpet as well as thick pile carpet. The makers of this unit designed it to clean soft carpets with the upmost care. It makes use of the 1,200-w Miele-made Vortex motor to clean soft carpets powerfully with increased efficiency depending on your desired power level. It is easy to control the power level using positive/negative footswitches situated on the vacuum cleaner.

It has the electrobrush plus floorhead designed for effortless gliding over soft carpet, ensuring it gets deep into the carpet fibers to remove grime effectively. The machine comes equipped with a five-level height adjustment for carpet, whereby the SEB 228 is suitable for soft carpet as well as medium-to-high-pile carpet. This ensures proper care of your carpet to make it ever beautiful and long-lasting.  

The pure suction head features the unique double swivel neck that rotates 180 degrees, so the vacuum offers agile cleaning for high pile and thick carpets. The Miele C3 Complete Vacuum comes with 3 versatile onboard accessories consisting of a crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush. All these accessories prove useful in cleaning hard-to-reach areas of your thick plush carpet.

What we liked
  • Powerful, quiet and versatile
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to adjust the brush height and amount of suction for cleaning different types of carpets
  • The metal extension handle is sturdy, smooth and easily extendable
  • Cord rewind is awesome and truly convenient
  • Integrated accessories for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
What we didn't like
  • Somehow expensive
  • No design faults reported thus far

If you plan on cleaning your complicated high pile carpets with ease, then look no further than the Miele C3 Complete Vac. This unit works like charm, and the parquet twister makes it ideal for cleaning the highest pile and lowest pile carpets. Above all, the device is extremely easy to operate, considerably easy to haul up and down the stairs, and truly flexible for all soft carpeted areas too.

6.  Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Pet Vacuum UH72625

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The Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Pet vacuum UH72625 with 7 height adjustments, the WindTunnel 3 technology, and a carbon filter is a vacuum well suited for cleaning high pile carpets.

The WindTunnel 3 technology provides powerful suction via 3 channels. This allows the vacuum to dislodge and remove stubborn dirt, pet hair, and other debris. The 7-level height adjustment makes this vacuum effective for high-pile and thick carpets as well as hard floor surfaces. The long power cord (30 feet) makes it easy to vacuum large areas with out the need to unplug and re-plug. On the down side the cord does not retract. Weighing in at over 18 lbs, some may find this model on the heavy and less maneuverable side.

Although not related to cleaning high pile carpets, the Hoover UH72625 includes a number of attachments such as a dedicated upholstery tool and a pivoting dusting tool that make it a versatile vacuum. The pet turbo tool makes it a breeze to clean carpeted stairs. The telescoping wand and crevice tool complete the included accessories.

There is the bumper which proves handy in protecting furniture and base boards while cleaning beneath and along edges. Also available is the a system check indicator giving feed back on whether the unit is clogged, needs to be emptied, or other potential issues such as wrong height setting.

What we liked
  • Powerful suction
  • Precision tools for cleaning high pile carpets
  • High quality filtration
  • System check indicator
  • Does not scratch the furniture as you clean the carpets
What we didn't like
  • Non-retractable cord
  • Rather heavy

The Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Pet vacuum is a very effective vacuum for high-pile and thick carpets. Its brush On/brush off switch make it suitable for hard flooring as well and the included accessories round it up as a capable multi-purpose vacuum.

7.  Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum

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The Miele compact c1 pure suction vacuum is a powerful unit that comes in a space saving design. It is equipped with a floor combination nozzle for cleaning all your low pile carpeting as well as hard flooring. This device also cleans high pile carpets effectively using a 1,200-watt Miele-Made Vortex motor whose potent effects can increase power efficiency as aligned with the selected level of power.

With this unit, you can painlessly adjust the suction power to fit the surface being cleaned, thanks to the 6-setting rotary dial nested on the vacuum. This rotary dial allows you to achieve optimal results when it comes to vacuuming high pile and thick carpets. The combination floorhead is suitable for low-pile carpet as well as hard flooring. You can use the foot switch to shift from carpeting to hard floor cleaning with ease.

The vacuum comprises rubberized wheels that prevent scratching the carpeting and a metal sole plate for effortless gliding across plush carpet surfaces. This cleaning machine comes with three carpet cleaning accessories clipped to the hose. These include a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool. All these additional accessories prove useful when it comes to cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of the carpet.

What we liked
  • Turbo brush for removing hair and lint from plush carpets
  • 6-stage variable speed for immense cleaning power
  • Compact design for effortless movement
  • Easy to control suction power based on the surface being cleaned
  • Combination floorhead suitable for thick carpeting and hard flooring
  • Stainless steel wand for increased cleaning reach
What we didn't like
  • Experiences some resistance on regular type carpets
  • No rotary floor brush

This miele c1 does an excellent job when it comes to cleaning dog hair and thick carpeting. It is compact, lightweight, strong, and picks up dog hair like a pro. This is one of the finest vacuum cleaners whose multiple attachments can get just about any job done.

8.  Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed

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The other best vacuum for plush carpet is the Eureka Upright NEU182A whose dynamic motor combines with the brush roll to lift heavy debris and stubborn dirt off the high pile and thick carpets. What stands out from this device is the strong suction, which ensures unmatched cleaning performance on thick plush carpets. Also, it has the 5 height adjustment settings for cleaning low to medium pile carpets as well as shag rugs, high pile rugs and hard floors.

The Eureka NEU182A also features a 12.6-inch wide nozzle which helps you clean a wider area with the utmost quickness. And the unit weighs as low as 10 pounds, which means it is pretty lightweight and trouble-free to maneuver. The dust cup measures about 4.1L in capacity, so the device ensures more cleaning of the whole home with less emptying.

Also available is the quick-release handle linked to the stretch hose to help you handle above-floor cleaning tasks. There are numerous accessories accompanying the Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, such as a 7-inch crevice tool, upholstery tool, dusting brush, and a lot more. All these tools have onboard storage where they are accessible when need arises.

What we liked
  • Effectively removes stubborn debris from thick carpeting
  • A wide nozzle for cleaning a broader area
  • Extremely lightweight at only 10 lbs.
  • 5 height adjustment for cleaning thick carpets, rugs and hard floors
  • Smooth wheels prevent carpets from sustaining scratches
  • Extra large dust cup
What we didn't like
  • Way too noisy
  • Extension hose is a little short

At its price, the Eureka NEU182A is tremendously powerful and guarantees the utmost cleanup of high pile and thick carpets. The filter is washable, and the canister is exceptionally easy to empty. Above all, this vacuum affords an easy transition from thick carpeting to rugs and wood flooring.

9.  Electrolux EL4335b Corded Ultra Flex Canister Vacuum

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The Electrolux EL4335B features the brushroll clean technology designed for excellent high pile cleaning performance. It provides superior cleaning performance on super plush carpets by using the FlexPro system. You can clean plush carpets and also bare floors using an On/Off brushroll in conjunction with the 3-level height adjustment.

With the adjustable suction power, you have the ability to minimize suction and safely clean fabric and delicate curtains. The unit comprises a cyclonic system whose function is to provide consistent suction power for cleaning all thick carpets throughout your home. In terms of the motion control system, the UltraFlex Canister Vacuum has large wheels with a low center of gravity to allow it to twist or turn around furniture with ease.

Also, the device features a 21-ft cord alongside 8-ft hose which combines with a telescopic wand to provide 33-ft of cleaning reach for thick carpets. The premium HEPA filtration is poised to capture 99.97% of all irritants including allergens, dust and pollen grains for a cleaner home. The unit brings forth dozens of versatile tools for cleaning crevices and carpeted stairs.

What we liked
  • Excellent performance everywhere
  • On/Off brush roll with 3-level height adjustment
  • Adjustable suction power
  • Versatile tools with fingertip controls
  • 33-ft cleaning reach
  • Easy empty technology
  • Compact and lightweight design
What we didn't like
  • Some units have a defective power head according to a few customer reports
  • Cheap pieces that are not durable
  • Stiff hose

Faults aside, the UltraFlex Canister Vacuum provides excellent performance when it comes to cleaning high pile and thick plush carpets. You can adjust the brush roll depending on the type of carpet being cleaned to ensure it never damages your carpet. The device includes some versatile tools for deep cleaning high pile carpets as well as thick plush carpets.

10.  Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Canister NR96

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We cannot conclude this review of the best vacuums for high pile and thick carpet without highlighting the Shark Rotator NR96. This lightweight and powerful vacuum integrates the exclusive Lift-Away function for versatile and effortless cleaning of high pile carpets throughout the home. Its motorized power nozzles allow for a thorough clean, even around and under furniture.

The motorized nozzle of this vacuum is equipped with powerful LED lights that help illuminate dark areas with thick plush carpets. You can take control of all functions at your fingertip, ensuring an effortless transition from deep carpet cleaning to bare floor cleaning. A quick and easy foot pedal release enables you to carry out the above floor cleaning tasks with ultimate comfort.

The Shark NR96 is armed with advanced swivel steering that allows for excellent maneuverability and control of the vacuum even around obstacles. Also, the device features an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology that combines with the HEPA filter to trap 99.99% of allergens and dust within the vacuum. Some of the versatile tools include the small pet power brush, dusting brush, 5-inch crevice tools, and straight suction nozzle.

What we liked
  • No lose of suction throughout the cleaning
  • Cleans thick carpets, area rugs and bare floors
  • Lift-away feature for versatile cleaning of all high pile carpets
  • Powerful LED headlights for illuminating dark carpeted areas
  • Fingertip controls for effortless transition from deep carpet cleaning to bare floor cleaning
  • Swivel steering for effortless maneuverability
What we didn't like
  • Dusting tool never swivels easily
  • Limited warranty

Unlike upright vacuums that cannot get very far under furniture, the shark rotator powered lift-away canister (nr96) has a user-friendly design that can reach under and around all obstacles within the house. This canister vacuum is compact, lightweight, and never loses suction when vacuuming high pile and thick carpets. Besides, it comes with a convenient onboard storage for crevice tool as well as dusting brush.

Factors Influencing the Choice of the Best Vacuum for High Pile & Thick Carpet

It is not easy to locate the best vacuum that can handle pile over ½-inch long and eliminate the dirt from the fiber down to the backing. The reason is that not all models are the same, and using the wrong device is a perfect recipe for damaging both the carpet and the vacuum. It is imperative to choose the right vacuum in order to prolong the life of your carpet as well as vacuum.

The best vacuum cleaner for thick pile carpet is specifically designed for cleaning the full, truly shaggy, and high piled carpets and rugs. Should you need to clean or take good care of your high pile and thick carpet, then keep reading. Below are the features you should be looking for when the time for shopping comes.

Larger Wheels

Vacuums with smaller wheels keep getting stuck on high-pile carpeting because of the thickness of the carpeting. For that reason, it may cause strain on you while you try to move the machine or haul it around. You can combat this problem by purchasing a vacuum with larger wheels rather than smaller ones.

Venting Mechanism

The best vacuum for frieze carpet has to have a venting mechanism to prevent the vacuum head from getting sucked down into the carpet fibers. Vacuums use the venting system to generate an air flow so as to preserve suction without pinning the vacuum to the floor. There is no need for proper venting when vacuuming short commercial pile carpets or hard floors.

When vacuuming these surfaces, the vacuum head stays off of the floor and glides over to suck up the dirt. On the contrary, deep pile carpets stick the unit down into the carpet fibers, making it difficult to haul the machine over the carpet. With extra venting, the suction is not affected and you can easily maneuver it over the frieze carpet surface.

Gentle Suction Power

Vacuum cleaners with a gentle amount of suction power are the best for cleaning thick carpets. Most of us think that we need powerful suction to get the job done. As a matter of fact, powerful suction is a NO when it comes to cleaning high pile and thick plush carpeting.

Gentle suction will do just a perfect job without damaging the fibers of your carpeting. It also tends to extend the life of your carpeting. Your carpeting fibers will remain in a perfect condition for years to come.

HEPA Filtration

High pile carpets do not necessarily call for HEPA filters. However, it is important to get a vacuum with HEPA filters in order to trap at least 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns. Essentially, having a super high-powered filtration mechanism is fundamental to filter out smaller particles that a standard vacuum cannot capture.

Worth noting, thick carpets with long fibers can easily attract the dirt and debris which get stuck in the carpet. A vacuum with an air filter ensures these particles are seized and pulled out. Such a unit cannot send the dirt and debris right back into the air you breathe.

Lightweight Frame

Heavy vacuum cleaners prove challenging with any carpeting style, more so with high pile carpets where they sink into the fibers. While heavy vacuums might not immediately damage the carpet or the vacuum, they tend to put undue strain on the user’s body.

Getting a vacuum with a lightweight frame will give you an easy time when it comes to moving the machine over your high pile carpet. A light model such as the Soniclean Soft Carpet vac is easier to carry around when cleaning.

Height Adjustment

Though not a must, the best vacuum cleaner for thick carpet should include a feature that allows you to select the height of the suction head. Having the ability to fine-tune the suction head height is very critical because you will be able to raise your vacuum higher when the need arises.

By doing so, your vacuum cleaner will move smoothly over the carpet surface. The height adjustment setting is the best solution to the airflow issues that most vacuum cleaner units have with high pile carpets.


As far as the attachments go, the choice of additional features will be dependent upon the type of cleaning you wish to do. No extra attachments are necessary if your plans are to merely vacuum the floor.

Nevertheless, you will need the attachments if you wish to reach into very high spaces, tight corners, or clean pet hair from couches. Basically, you will need to have a few smaller brush options for cleaning high pile carpets.


Last but not least, the best vacuum for thick plush carpet should be painless to maneuver across various surfaces. Although this does not hamper the performance, it does play a crucial role on how easy it is to move the machine over the surface being cleaned.

It is not easy to continually push the vacuum through thick plush carpets because of their deep, thick carpet fibers. Hence, make sure your vacuum includes many brush rolls designed to subtly push the device through the surface when vacuuming shag carpet.

FAQs about Vacuum for High Pile, Thick Plush & Frieze Carpet

Can a vacuum damage carpet?

Although vacuum cleaning service providers recommend vacuuming regularly to keep your home clean and fresh, some people report that regular vacuuming of carpets can actually damage carpet fibers. The reason is that vacuum cleaners have rotating brushes or beater bars that stretch or pull the fibers, eventually leading to wearing out of carpets. However, done correctly, a vacuum cannot damage your carpet.

How do you clean thick carpet?

To properly clean your thick carpet, you must adjust your vacuum cleaner to the right height setting to ensure that the brush or beater bar slightly touches the carpet surface. Thick carpets often wrap around the rotary brushes thus damaging the yarn. For this reason, use a vacuum with large wheels for easy maneuverability, and avoid vacuums cleaners with super-concentrated vacuum.

Can you vacuum high pile rugs?

Yes, you can vacuum high pile rugs once daily if the rug is placed in an area with high traffic; otherwise vacuuming weekly is sufficient. When using a vacuum to suck out the grime from the rug, you must set the cleaning head to high pile. You might want to invest in a vacuum with this feature so that the vacuum head can easily glide over the rug and you can take control of the suction.

Final Verdict

Cleaning a high pile and thick carpet can be a challenging endeavor, more so if you do not have the right vacuum cleaner. Using a normal vacuum cleaner is a great recipe for ruining your thick plush carpet. The best vacuum cleaner for high pile carpet has such qualities as good venting, adjustable height, and the ability to switch the brush roller on or off.

If you need your carpet to remain beautiful and comfortable for as long as it can, we recommend investing in the Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum exceeds expectations when it comes to vacuuming high pile carpets because it can accommodate different levels of your carpet. Besides, its quality and features are worth an investment.

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