How to Get Rid of German Roaches | Step By Step Guide

German roaches are one of the most stubborn household pests that affect restaurants, hotels, and apartment houses. They can get into everything and reproduce at an alarming rate. An egg capsule takes only six months to multiply, and before you realize it, you will have an infestation inside your belongings including luggage, boxes or packages.

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German roaches can survive for months without food and can go for up to two weeks without water. These notorious pests prefer places with plenty of food, warmth and moisture. A large population of these pests will discharge a foul odor, which may lead to serious health hazards. German roaches are the worst nightmare as they contaminate food and transmit dangerous bacteria.

Signs of a Significant Infestation of German Roaches:

German cockroaches are mostly seen during the night. However, seeing them during the day is a clear sign of a substantial infestation. You can also determine whether or not you have a sizable outbreak of these types of cockroaches if you find an abundance of excrement droppings resembling black pepper. These excrement droppings comprise the bacteria that trigger such ailments as asthma and allergies.

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how to get rid of german roaches

How to Get Rid of German Roaches Naturally

There is no doubt that these little guys pose a considerable challenge to any homeowner. Fortunately, several methods prove handy when it comes to winning the battle over German roaches. Banishing these types of cockroaches without using toxic chemicals is tedious and time-consuming. Nevertheless, this slow process is well worth the effort.

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Whereas the use of powerful insecticides brings about instant results, you are likely to expose your family to toxic chemicals in the process. Expelling German roaches through natural approaches protects your loved ones against exposure to harmful chemicals. It also prevents the infestation from reoccurring. So, what are these natural ways to eliminate German cockroaches?

1.    Proper Sanitation

Proper sanitation remains the most critical component of any German roach control program. A small amount of food can sustain these roaches for several months. That means that the main reason for outbreaks of these cockroaches is the failure to adhere to proper housekeeping practices.

As mentioned earlier, German roaches require only three things to thrive- water, food, and harborage. Following the right sanitation approaches can eliminate one of these things thus forcing the insects to either die or relocate. The following sanitation practices are the backbone of any German roach control or elimination program:

  • Keep the indoor trash empty at all times
  • Keep food containers sealed
  • Run the garbage disposal frequently
  • Avoid leaving food in sink strainers 
  • Regularly clean the trash dumpsters
  • Keep dishes clean and devoid of any food residue
  • Keep all kitchen appliances (ovens, microwaves, stoves, toasters and refrigerators) clean and food/grease free
  • Pick up all pet food needs at all times
  • Don’t leave any food out in the open
  • Sweep or vacuum out any food particles or crumbs
  • Eliminate empty cardboard boxes, paper bags and soft drink bottles

2.    Fix Leaking Water Faucets

Moisture from leaking pipes attracts German roaches and may lead to their multiplication. You may have seen these types of cockroaches scurrying under the sink, and that’s because they get attracted to moisture. Water is key to the survival of cockroaches.

German roaches may go for several months without food but unlikely to survive even for days without water. It is for this reason that you are advised to repair even the tiniest of leaks so that their breeding sources are barred. Do not allow water to stand in your sink for a long time, and avoid overwatering indoor plants.

3.    Keep all cracks and holes sealed up

Cockroaches can crawl in through cracks and holes inside your pantry, baseboards and between the countertop on the wall. They can get into your home through even the smallest of spaces. Therefore, it is advisable to keep their entries adequately sealed.

Sealing up holes and cracks is utterly time-consuming. However, it is well worth the effort in the end, especially if you live amongst neighbors who don’t maintain proper standards of cleanliness. A caulking gun and a tube of caulk can do this job pretty well.

4.    Prepare natural cockroach bait

Baiting is as effective as sanitation. It is one of the essential components of German roach control and elimination program.  By placing cockroach baits in areas of highest level of infestation, you will reduce them by up to 90% within the shortest time possible. The baiting concept is effective because when a roach feeds on the poisoned bait, it is likely to contaminate about 40-50 other cockroaches through contact, faeces, and feeding of poisoned carcasses.

To prepare natural cockroach bait, mix boric acid with powdered sugar in a ratio of 3:1. Sugar serves to lure the roaches as the boric acid does the killing. While the boric acid isn’t toxic to humans or pets, it is very irritating.

Make sure to store it beyond the reach of noses and fingers. Sprinkle the mixture on the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and the sink. Also, sprinkle it along the cracks and edges of pantries and cabinets.

5.    Spray a solution of soap and water

If you have a cockroach infestation and you don’t want to use harmful insecticides in your home, you can kill it with kindness. Try to prepare a solution of soap and water and spray it on the German roaches. Just like most insects, cockroaches breathe through the skin. This means that the soap and water solution will suffocate them.

Wrapping Up!

Getting rid of a large infestation of German roaches naturally can be mind-numbing. You could bring in the experts to help if you think this job is beyond your scope. Contact a natural pest control company near you and let them do the legwork on your behalf. Most pest control firms utilize a substance known as diatomaceous earth to get rid of pests in the walls and other places where roaches dwell.

This substance is a soft sedimentary rock, which is crushed to form a fine powder. Diatomaceous earth acts as a mechanical insecticide that kills insects without having to use harsh chemicals. Choose a pest control company that uses this substance. It is not only harmless to your family but also effective in getting rid of German roaches.

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